Even if I’m sounding like a society gossip bunny now…

When you’re writing things like “To Move Earth and Heaven” or its sequel, you don’t get around actually following the media where your subject is concerned. Aside from the fact that I actually like CP from what is public about him, you just can’t quiet get around it. I know more about European royalty than I ever thought likely, that includes most of the principal houses (although, funnily enough, hardly any of the formerly German nobility aside from the House of Hanover due to its relation to the English throne and its current head).

So when you, like me, have spent several weeks learning a whole lot about your subject(s) and suddenly he (they) make it into the big press that’s… a little odd.

While it’s normal to see headlines about William, CP is rather secluded where the media circus is concerned. All the more surprising it is to see him in the news twice in two weeks.

First there was the firescreen if Tre Kronor and well… Those of you who might have seen the interview know what I mean.

And now we get Swedish prince’s relationship with glamour model yesterday. Now my alert (yes, I admit to having a CP google alert) has dug up all these articles that revolve around this, some titled “Snake in the class system: ‘wild child’ prince and the python model” and the like.

Now… After all the stunts that Prince Harry has pulled over the years (Brarry, Nazi uniform, boob groping [although his brother is the same there, which is quite amusing], etc. etc.) one has to wonder: If CP is a black sheep and a wild child, what is Harry? Caligula, as Lara put it yesterday?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind Harry. After all these weeks of ‘hanging around’ royalty, Harry and Prince Philip come close to being my favourites (aside from you know, my actual writing subjects, including a certain not-yet-prince from the southern principalities), but if you compare Harry and CP, you can’t help but come up a little short on one side.

As far as Sofia is concerned, well…. I’ll leave that decision to you but I have seen the pictures that show them on “love holiday” during Easter and err….no.

Also, what is interesting: It has been on the table for like ever (example, I’ve known about Sofia the first or second day I ever took a closer look at CP) and now they get around with it in the news? So weird. This is looking more and more like a setup from several sides, I can’t help but be extremely sceptical.

I also wonder of Frederik (of Denmark) and Haakon (of Norway) called CP and asked him where his lingerie model was, as both of them had dated lingerie models before settling down with their wives. Maybe that’s some rite of passage with the Scandinavian princes, I wouldn’t be surprised ;).

So….slow news week? Slow gossip week perhaps? I dunno. Anything seems possible at the moment, except what the media is speculating on (regarding CP and William both).

I also might have brought an introduction to Swedish home from the university library yesterday.