I also will be working largely without mentioning of sources, as all of this is subject to public knowledge with a few words thrown into Google.

After yesterday’s post about Carl Philip and his new gf (or alleged new gf, to be precise), let’s now turn towards the other main subject of YHR, William [the real one, not the one in my head, this time].

A few days ago, one of the usual suspects (i.e. the tabloids) posted that the dates of the 3rd and 4th June had been blocked as far as scheduling was concerned. Everyone has been running high and low and wide that this might actually be the date when Prince William will announce his engagement to Miss Middleton, which has been pending pretty much ever since they left St. Andrews.

The fact that William is away on RAF training during those days, that the Queen and the Prince Consort are visiting Plymouth and the Prince of Wales and his wife are also busy in one way or other has been mostly disregarded. So either this is a ploy of epic proportion (with even the military roped into it and let me tell you, the military does not like messing with its schedules by higher ups), or nothing will happen.

A few truths:

William is turning 28 this year, so is Kate, and while Charles was not married until he was 31, slowly but certainly time is running out for them as a couple. William has the duty to produce at least one heir, and heir and spare is the usual setup these days. Pregnancies, especially first pregnancies, are not encouraged beyond the age of 34 and let me tell you from the reproductive biology pov: Eggs are starting to go bad at 34. Also, with hormonal contraception it takes up to two years for the body to be back on track, at least if you used oestrogen.

They have been dating for almost eight years now, have lived together at St. Andrews for a time even. At some point it turns ridiculous to stay in limbo and if William doesn’t pay close attention, he will turn into Albert II [who can do what he does because he has the perfect heir already and really doesn’t have to worry about anything, and at least Albert does it with style].

Many people are not exactly fond of Miss Middleton. She was nicknamed Waitey Katie a couple of years back, and that is not exactly charming. Her stand at court isn’t an easy one either, some aides have obviously dubbed her Kate Middleclass and that has made it into the general public as well. Not quite charming either. Many people perceive her as simply waiting by the phone for William to call, as she doesn’t have a real job (the family business is…well, let’s say the whole thing is complicated), she doesn’t have any social engagements (like starting to get into charities which will be her job if she should marry William), she’s partying and on holiday all the time. It makes things difficult and it makes her problematic in the eyes of many.

William briefly broke up with Miss Middleton about two years ago [and actually, that was not the first time, just the most widely spread one], you might recall the famously infamous text message. Then he crawled back a couple of months later. According to close friends, there was an ultimatum from Miss Middleton involved in this, saying she would only get back with him if he did marry her. I don’t know how much about this last is true, but it does fit in with my personal perception of her.

Enough with the truths.

Personally, if my bf was stringing me along like this for so long, I’d have left him long ago, especially if he knows I’m waiting for him to tie the knot. But truly, that’s as far as my sympathies go with and for Miss Middleton.

I understand that it certainly is difficult to find work where you aren’t looked at for being the gf of Britain’s future King. On the other hand, things like this are possible. All of the girls who later married Crown Princes have worked before their marriage and I think it has done all of them good. Also, Miss Davy (the on-and-off gf of Prince Harry) has chosen the fast track, she’ll be working for a prestigious firm starting this fall and she doesn’t care much about being a princess at some point (and even should she become one, that’s still soon enough for her to stop working, I suppose).

I understand William, up to a fault. Miss Middleton and he have been together for a long time and she is the first woman he had a serious relationship with. The trouble is, when you break up, there usually is a reason (even if you did it the way he did and…Wills, really -.-) and even if I can understand getting back together…once an ultimatum is involved you run like hell. That’s the point where I wouldn’t be sure anymore someone is with me for my sake or for the sake of what marriage to me can offer

And when even your boop groping, bra wearing drunkard of a brother urges you to caution, all alarm bells in your head should be going off and you should run even harder.

William has lost already. If he breaks up with her now he will be called mean cruel for having left her waiting for years. If he marries her in foreseeable time, I fear this marriage will end similarly as the one of his parents. And the people will be very disgruntled at the kind of future queen they’re getting.

Truthfully, I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes. One fact is: I can say all this, and I can criticize all I want because I don’t care for being in her shoes either. But I also know that if I wanted to have that job, I would do what is expected of me. And that’s where reality isn’t playing along and I don’t know if she doesn’t realize this, or if she’s unable to do so.

William and Harry are ‘my’ royals, they’re the ones I grew up with, William will be the King of my generation and his children – with whomever he will have them – will have to take on the role that he has now. The thing is, while I’m pretty far removed from being British, I’m not sure how pleased I will be to watch him repeat past patterns. And mostly because he can’t make up his mind, too. [And let’s face it, no matter if you are into royal gossip or no, in Europe you can’t get away from it. Before YHR I wasn’t even remotely interested and I still knew the general directions things were taking with the British boys.]

A few more truths:

A royal wedding takes a lot of preparation and you should count on about a year between engagement and the wedding date. Which means that the engagement would have to go down this year in order for a wedding in 2011. And oh hey, they could honeymoon in New Zealand just in time for the Rubgy World Cup. Isn’t that romantic? [/sarcasm]

2012 is a no go for a royal wedding in England, the Olympic Summer Games and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee will be happening as well.

2013 has been ruled unlucky (whoever knew that the Brits are so superstitious?).

William is with the RAF for at least another 3 years, and there has been speculation that he will stay for another 3 beyond that. Partly to get his training costs covered and partly because he really wants to see active duty, and that’s the best he can get, considering they can’t send him into war.

Planning a royal wedding while the groom is on Search and Rescue with helicopters? Uh… No, guys, really. Not even the Brits.

2011 should be out of the question because you simply don’t plan for two royal weddings in one year and Madeleine Bernadotte [Carl Philip’s little sister] is slotted to marry next spring. It’s just not good form, even if Madeleine is not quite important for the Swedish succession, as far as information goes she wants a grand wedding. [Yes, there are two other royal weddings this year too, aside from the big one in Sweden, but that’s the Greeks, the Greeks are…well, deposed. So let’s discount them. And Nathalie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg will just have her religious ceremony this year after the birth of her child.]

Announcing the engagements between William and Miss Middleton two weeks before the wedding date of Victoria of Sweden [alleged engagement on June 3rd/4th, Victoria’s wedding on the 19th]? Bad form. Really bad form.

Conclusion? I’m not sure there is one. All I know is, something needs to happen and pretty soon. I’m all in favour for William having a chat with his brother and Albert’s heir on “how to find a rich beer heiress who’s up for the job”. And really, CP is still an option ;)