I will never understand Charles and Diana where the naming of their children is concerned. William Arthur Philip Louis is well and fine enough, the range of names to be used in the British succession seems to be awfully limited. It would be fun enough if Wills went around and became the very first King Arthur (as he can chose his regnal name himself, he doesn’t have to become William V). At least that would give him some impact in history, after his reign will probably be unmemorable, except some grand catastrophe of 9/11 proportions happens.

But naming a prince third in line to the throne Henry (Charles Albert David) is a risk. No King took the regnal name Henry after Henry VIII and with good reason. Now, even if William is destined to be King, something stupid needs to happen and Harry has to step up and Henry IX? is giving me nightmares. Considering William got his skull fractured by a golf club when he was a child and is now a helicopter pilot, the chance is there.

In YHR, Harry comes across as the irresponsible young adult he once was. The palaces have done their best to remedy his image over the last couple of years, of portraying him as a good soldier, a responsible adult. How much of that is due to them taking him on a very tight leash I wouldn’t know. It probably helps that he has found his place within the military and has a goal for the next few years (piloting Apache helicopters in Afghanistan).

However, I have doubts that things like the Nazi uniform, the drunken flights, Brarry or the boop groping (that William has….indulged in as well), even the ‘racial slur’ (the quotes are intentional and not up for discussion) will be forgotten at any given point. They’re just too remarkable, too memorable and just so….Harry. (Even though I do hope at some point it will be buried and forgotten that the whole nation knows how hung he is. And err…he is. Really.)

There has been controversy regarding Harry even before that though, considering the speculation about his paternity have never died down. While I can see both Charles and Diana in William, and see them clearly, Harry has the Spencer nose but nothing Windsorian about him. The ginger hair, sure is a dead giveaway for Mr. Hewitt one would think, but that is present in the Spencer family as well. There is supposed to have been a blood test, but honestly… Unless I’ve conducted that one myself? I’m not believing it, especially as William has been tested in the same instant. Oops, now I used the same sample twice…oh whatever. Ahem.

But well, that’s beside the point. Royal houses should not conduct paternity tests, I’m sure there’d be quite a few cuckoo children uncovered. As long as direct succession is taken care of, well.

I first became aware of Harry (and thankfully they’re calling him that so everyone who doesn’t know assumes he’s a Harold rather than a Henry) when his mother died, I’d known he existed but I think that was the first time I became consciously aware of him. And the he started to dominate the British tabloids.

And after all these scandals, after everything that boy did, I never thought I would say this but: Given the choice, I’d go for Harry.

Despite all the scandals and everything that has gone down, Harry is the one of the two brothers who looks like he’s having fun. Sure, the responsibility of becoming King doesn’t rest on his shoulders, it’s easy for him to go about his own business where his life and his relationships are concerned, yet he also has to make these choices same as his brother.

His girlfriend is Chelsy Davy, I actually never paid much attention to her (and my apologies to Miss Davy that I kind of axed her in YHR, but I needed to keep Harry off the throne and didn’t want him to join a monastery) until a couple of days ago and actually, she’s pretty kick ass. She has a great education, a great job lined up and despite her daddy’s money and her princely bf, she seems to be pretty down to earth. Recent articles stated she doesn’t care to be a princess, which I can totally understand. The split with Harry a year ago and their subsequent getting back together seems to have made a few things clear for her. Good for them.

Harry’s academic achievements are…sub-par, with a D in his geography A-Levels, he can be lucky to hit the continent on a map (sorry dear, but you know it’s true). I’m not sure Eton was the right school for him, just because his brother did good there, but I guess that’s water under the bridge by now. Sandhurst seems to have helped to focus him on what he plans on doing in the future, which is good! (Even though it hasn’t kept him out of the headlines.)

His military career seems important to him and other than his brother, he has seen active duty in the Afghanistan war. I’m not sure how smart it is to send a man so high up in line to the throne into war, but Prince Andrew did it in his time (Falkland War), so why not, I guess. And if he continues to get good results in his training sessions he’ll be allowed to pilot the Apache down there again, which is kind of the most elite thing you can do as a pilot. Again, good for him.

Now, I have sincere doubts we’ll never see Harry in the headlines again. Because other than CP, he is the true wild child prince of Europe. On the other hand, at least he’s entertaining for the masses. As long as he doesn’t get himself exlcuded from the succession by someone like Alex, he’s going to be at his brother’s back for a few more years until they both start their families. As far as I have a grasp on Harry, he’ll be happy if that takes a good many years more, though.

It will be interesting to see what role Harry will fill once William takes the throne. Somehow, I don’t think he’ll be quite like his uncle Andrew. Things will change on that day and that is the latest point at which he will have to settle down some.

Who would ever have thought I’d be singing praise of Harry of all people? I’m amused ^^