Even speaking in European standards, Sweden is a highly progressive country (come on, they elected their royal family from [French] commoners!). They also have an evil tax system.

Victoria of Sweden was not born Crown Princess, she only became that when Sweden – against the King’s wishes – abolished male-preference primogeniture shortly after the birth of her brother. Lucky for everyone, because as much as I adore Carl Philip, he’s not head-of-state material.

When it comes to Victoria, there have been tow major incidences in the last twelve, thirteen years.

The first was when she did her long, involuntary slide into anorexia, eventually prompting even H&M to change the sizes in their collections to make them more ‘real’ (i.e. in Sweden you don’t have to buy two sizes bigger than in every other shop). Unfortunately this change didn’t make it to the rest of Europe. Victoria went to University in Yale and was treated successfully in the US.

She herself said: “I felt like an accelerating train, going right down… during the whole period. I had eating disorders and was aware of it, my anguish was enormous. I really hated how I looked like, how I was… I, Victoria, didn’t exist. It felt like everything in my life and around me was controlled by others. The one thing I could control was the food I put in me. What happened cost and I was the one who stood for the payments. Now I’m feeling well and with the insights I’ve acquired through this I can hopefully help someone else.” which is rather insightful, regarding herself but also for those who have not suffered from the condition.

The second incident, if you want to call it that, is the fact that she is going to marry her fitness coach this coming June (Daniel Westling, to be Prince Daniel, Duke of Västergötland). They have been together for eight or nine years now and it has been a fight for both of them until they were were allowed to admit to it.

This has several reasons though. A morganatic marriage in Sweden is in and by itself possible without loss of title or claim to the throne, Queen Silvia of Sweden is a commoner as well (of German-Brazilian descent). Despite that, in times of King Carl XVI Gustaf’s grandfather, Gustav VI’s this would have resulted in just that, because he thought nobility should always marry within nobility. Carl XVI Gustaf has four sisters, three of them lost any kind of claim to anything, as they married commoners.

However, Daniel Westling, while he did own his very own gym chain, did not have the education, nor the grooming that the King deemed necessary for his daughter’s husband (meanwhile Jonas Bergström, Madeleine’s fiancé, is a successful lawyer).

I have to leave it to Victoria, for all that she probably has her own failings as everyone does, she is incredibly stubborn. The ‘Vicky-chin’ is characteristic, the manic grin when she steps onto the blue podium twice a year even more so. And while she might not love her role as Crown Princess, she has found how to fill it properly and she does it well. Better than a lot of other heirs, one might say.

I think it’s great she didn’t yield where her relationship was concerned and looking at pictures with her and Daniel (who looks like Karl-Theodor von und zu Guttenberg, our defence secretary), you can see that she’s incredibly happy, they both are. And that’s how it’s supposed to be, isn’t it?

The Swedish siblings seem to be very tight with each other, the pictures that show the whole trio are…telling. All three of them have gotten a nice genetic makeup; I’ve looked at their ancestry starting at Karl XIV Johan (Jean Baptiste Bernadotte, one of Napoleons generals) and they’re lucky there is only so much incest in their line. There is some, of course (else they would certainly not be so high up in the line of succession to the British throne), but it’s minimal enough and their mother was a source of fresh blood. Looks and brains, an ideal combination when you’re a royal. Or it should be ;)

Victoria will be a great Queen. And Daniel can join Prince Philip and Prince Henrik for the partner programs (hopefully both of them will be around for a while longer, Philip especially is so much fun).