So let’s talk about Princess Madeleine of Sweden.

Youngest of the three Bernadotte siblings and partyprinsessan, albeit not quite as excessively as Harry of Wales. She’s loved by the media and the most outgoing of the three. She seems like a sweet girl, from all that’s available, although at times she could need a better PR team. And someone to tell her that wearing pelt is NOT cool.

She became engaged to Jonas Bergström, a lawyer, around the same time as Victoria to Daniel last year, announcing the wedding would take place some time in fall (without naming a specific date). While proceedings went well for Vikkan and Dan-Dan (no, I’m not making this up), things seemed to have been somewhat more rocky for Madde and Jonas.

Around the beginning of the year, before I actually became interested in the whole matter due to YHR, there had been some trouble already. This was attributed to her critisizing him a lot due to the fact that he spent too much time at work and wasn’t interested enough in the wedding. However, that was just said to be typically Madeleine, because she was a princess and has been dreaming about the perfect wedding since she was little etc etc. (amazing, the stuff the brain keeps stored even though it’s completely useless knowledge, or was at the time). They were said to have made up during vacation to Thailand.

Afterwards it was already said the wedding would be postponed to next spring (keep this in mind, it will be more important in a bit).

Now, I’m pretty sure you guys don’t read the gossip columns or you don’t even get royal gossip as much as we do around her (considering Germany has no royals anymore, we get surprisingly much news regarding those of all other ruling houses), so latest news is: They’re having trouble yet again.

And this time to the point of her having moved out of their flat in Stockholm and spends her night in Drottningholm Palace and at friends’ places. It is said if not for the engagement, the relationship would be over already. A day later, Queen Silvia made a statement the wedding was postponed and there had never been talk of a wedding this year in the first place. (Which is semi-true but remember what I said before).

Madeleine also is going to NYC for a month, alone, and she wasn’t at Queen Margrethe II’s birthday celebrations.

This puts the royal court of Sweden into an interesting position.

Two royal weddings (of the same house no less) is a bad idea to start with, which is why I thought that first time postponing it was a PR stunt.

Her sister’s wedding is two months away tomorrow and if she doesn’t show up on Jonas’ arm then, everyone will probably know what’s up. Or what isn’t up, for that matter, because then they don’t need to announce anything but the engagement is off the table. Jonas has been meeting with Daniel this last week but nothing has transpired.

This is not ideal. (Actually, it’s a similar situation the Brits are in with Kate, as William can’t go back nor forth, after a fashion.) Something like this should never have made it into the public in the first place, this only puts more pressure on both of them, which is something they really can’t need now.

Breaking off a royal engagement is…I don’t know if it’s completely out of the question but entertaining the notion alone is definitely not good.

So where will they go from here? Time will tell, I guess, but it’s not looking too good. I’ll keep following this, just the last few days Auntie Margrethe’s birthday was more interesting for everyone involved (diverting of attention and all that).