Dear Princess Madeleine,

first of all, you did the right thing in kicking the cheating bastard to the curb.

That’s about the only thing you did right though.

Of course, all this is said from the outside point of view, and I can talk all I want as long as I haven’t walked in your shoes.

But if you truly knew about the incident with the girl in Norway two weeks after it happened, you should never have gotten engaged. Binding a man to you with a ring doesn’t work, wanting to bind a woman like you should not either. When he started to officially date you, he should have known that escapades like that one are completely out of the question, if he was 22 at the time or 30.

I’m sorry you were hurt, especially by someone who clearly doesn’t deserve it. I understand about hanging on to a seven year relationship, especially with your sister marrying soon and your brother being….well, the was he is, but while cheating is something that has worked in royal circles in the past…it doesn’t do so anymore in the present. And please don’t listen to the idiot saying the two of you should pull yourselves together again. You deserve better than that.



Dear Greek people (all of you),

if you’d kept your king (in power), this probably wouldn’t have happened. He’s still alive, btw. And he has sons (and daughters).

Just saying.

No love,