This week, Harry received his wings from his father after graduating his pilot course. He is now qualified to pilot Lynx helicopters and will undergo Apache training now. Harry will also make another tour to Afghanistan later this year or the next. Looks like Harry got what he wanted there *g*

Who would have thought that these cute little buttons would turn into men worthy of their wings?

Wills and Harry going to their Notting Hill Nursery. Weren’t they adorable?

Their wilful teenage years…

Wills graduating in January, Harry this past week; both receiving their wings from Prince Charles, who has done all the wing ceremonies for his sons in recent years.

Chelsy Davy attended Harry’s ceremony as well and she looked beyond happy. She and Harry had a nice stroll with Charles before the ceremony, looked very cozy (if anyone wants pictures I can upload).

Wills will receive a posting to the Falkland Islands btw, stepping into the footsteps of his uncle Andrew, who served as helicopter pilot during the Falkland War. Wonder if anyone wanted to get him as far away from…certain influences…as possible?