I think I have a royal(s) hangover. Lara and I spent 21 hours in front of the tv yesterday (6 am to 3 am) watching documentaries about virtually all royal houses from Europe to the Middle and Far East. Several were missing of course but man…that was a bit much.

Essentially missing were the Luxembourgians and the young Casiraghis; as both families are highly interesting and I’ve been wanting to post about them anyway, I’ll start with the Monegasques.

The Casiraghi siblings are the children of Caroline of Monaco (Prince Albert’s older sister) with her second husband, the late Stefano Casiraghi, who died in a speedboat accident in 1990, when the children were way too young. Not few people have said this is the curse of the Grimaldi family striking again (as this was Caroline’s second marriage already).

The oldest of the three is Andrea, who is one of the few blondes actually doing it for me ^^; He inherited both the looks of his late grandmother and of his father which makes for awesomecakes.

The short hair is very recent, until the beginning of the year our dear Andrea looked like the embodiment of the the vampire Lestat, which was somewhat hot but I like him better this way, if I’m to be honest. Andrea is 25 years old, has studied in Paris and New York City and is currently doing an internship with the Qatar embassy in Paris. Considering he’s back on the continent, we’re likely to see him more often at official functions in Monaco again, which have been severely lacking in recent years.

What is amazing, and doesn’t happen often with the young royals these days, I’m in love with his girlfriend, too. Tatiana Santo Domingo is heiress to the same beer fortune as Chelsy Davy (Prince Harry’s girlfriend, and yes the world is very small indeed) and despite her money and her boyfriend, an extremely normal girl. With brains. She eats ice cream. In public. I am in awe. She’s not the most glamorous girl, which is why many a royal watcher doesn’t like her but I think it’s very appealing.

Which is the thing about Andrea: He seems like a nice guy. He’s not overly loud about who he is, he has all that money behind him but he doesn’t seem to be overly concerned with it. Also, he doesn’t care about appearances, if certain images are any kind of indication. Mind you, that is just one in a long, long list of images that show how little he cares if he’s seen or if he’s decent. Especially if he’s decent. Sometimes, I get the impression he doesn’t care much if he’s dressed or not. Especially with that look right into the camera.

Ah Andrea ^^;. And these are by far not the only images that show him in any state of undress. At least we can say that Tatiana is a lucky girl, indeed.

Andrea did his studies well, once he got the hang of it, and I guess by now he has understood that if his uncle doesn’t get his act together, he’s to be the next Prince of Monaco. It’s more or less expected that he will adopt the name Grimaldi at some point and be Albert’s heir. But I suppose he has another 20 years before it’s time for that (I hope that for him). As far as that is concerned though, Albert couldn’t ask for a better heir than his oldest nephew. That’s why I’m not sure he will even bother with children himself; the man is over 50 and by now runs the risk of his kid being barely 20 when he would need to take over the throne and the chances of him turning out as well as Andrea are 50:50 at best. Albert could also end up with someone like Harry (Harry, much as I love you, but you’ve pulled too many stunts) or Freddles [Frederik of Denmark] and all things considered, unless he has a burning desire for (legitimate) children – or his girlfriend Charlene does – he really doesn’t need to bother. I doubt he will, at this point.

Clearly, Andrea is not the most attentive even when at official functions, but he’s young, he can learn. Also, calling a country like Monaco his home has obviously done nothing for Andrea’s appreciation of cars, if his little adventure last year is any indication, when his (very, very old) Mercedes broke down in the streets of Monte Carlo because he fuelled it with diesel instead of petrol (or the other way around? one of them, I can never quite remember *g*).

One of the things I’m very happy with in these images, aside from the fact that he’s somewhat chagrined which is simply cute and that he’s actually pushing the car himself, is how obviously loving this relationship is. I’m not sure he was aware he was being photographed here, but when you google for these two you get a bunch of official and paparazzi shots that show them obviously happy. They have been together for coming on six years and there’s a bunch of relationships – people who are still together today – that had gone and retreated into mediocrity by that time. So yes, I’m very happy with these two.

Andrea will be highly amusing and extremely interesting in the coming few years, which is why he will be getting lots of attention from me. That’s another thing: whatever expectation you have of Andrea, he’s bound to completely bust it in one way or other. So there’s nothing I don’t expect of him ^^

Next, Charlotte and Pierre are up for a closer look. Rich, beautiful and certainly eccentric, these Casiraghis.