Charlotte, the true gem of this family. At least contrary to both her brothers (and their girlfriends), I haven’t seen her naked. Not that I have any desire to do so, but it is somewhat obvious to that regard.

Charlotte is the only one of the siblings to have inherited the dark colouring of their mother, Princess Caroline. This is her at this year’s Rose Ball in Monaco:

I have to leave it to Charlotte, most of her dresses are real nice. She has a few transgressions here and there where I’m thinking “Good gracious, girl, what did you think?” but generally…she has good tastes. And doesn’t sport a cleavage as if her breasts are balloons that want to fly upwards any minute.

Like her brothers, Charlotte does not bear the title of Princess, since the hereditary title was bound to the male bloodline until the beginning of this century, when Albert passed a decree. As Stefano was no prince in his own right, his children did not get it either. But I guess they have done the children more favours with that than not. The kids grew up in the Provence after their father’s death when Charlotte was four years old, rather than in Monaco. Running around as a princess would probably have rather caused complications than done helped her any, if the experiences Caroline and Stéphanie made in their own youth are any indication.

I only paid attention to Charlotte rather late, after having come upon Andrea and being very much amused, but when I did I was positively surprised. I didn’t expect a girl like Charlotte – and how derogative that sounds. I didn’t expect someone socialising in the circles of the Monegasque crowd to be this engaged in matters that seem to have nothing to do with it. Andrea should have made me expect anything but well ;) I didn’t. But more about that later.

Naturally, Charlotte has heaps of money. Her maternal family has become rich in the last fifty years and her father was a self-made businessman, leaving his children with enough money for them not to have to worry. Example: When she turned five, she received a small Island off the coast of Sardinia from her paternal grandparents. She also is an accomplished horsewoman and has competed in show jumping (much like Princess Madeleine, but under her real name) and has been considerably successful. She still competes, although not in a team anymore, if I’m informed correctly, although she still trains with Team Marionnaud.

She attended the Sorbonne and finished her studies and has since gone into publishing and journalism.

Charlotte has written for The Independent and Another Magazine, edits for Above Magazine and is co-founder of Ever Manifesto (the link for anyone who’s interested). And this is where it started to get interesting for me. Albert II has long been engaged in going green and in helping those who need help (mostly the so called Third World countries), but he would never have forced his sisters’ children into this. Sustainable fashion is a new idea and while it is a field that I would have expected of someone like Charlotte (heh, again with the negative connotation there), it’s not something every does or would do.

I’m not sure this would be possible for her (financially speaking) if she didn’t have money at her back, but she does, so I don’t see why she shouldn’t make use of it and do something that makes sense for her. She has a job that isn’t related to her status of belonging to the royal family of Monaco. Like with her brother, I think that’s important. Same goes for her younger brother Pierre although Pierre is…somewhat different, as you will see probably tomorrow.

Charlotte is interesting. At 24 this year, she’s done quite a few things already. But you can see well enough how young she is. Like the Swedish sisters (even Madeleine, who tends to look impeccable) as well as for example Maxima of the Netherlands or even Letitzia of Spain, she looks normal, with stray strands of hair and the like and that’s…refreshing, in a royal.

I’m slightly worried when it comes to the men she chooses; her boyfriend’s sister has been caught repeatedly with cocaine. She better look out for herself, she’s too old that people, even in Monaco, will readily forgive her such a faux pax.