I’m highly amused. The Swedish media (and a good part of the royal watchers) are getting their panties in a knot again, because of the newest shot of CP and Sofia Hellqvist:

(Source: expressen.se)

They’re leaving his apartment in Stockholm early in the morning, after a night spent together. And CP is still saying he’s single. *gasp*

They also have been seen eating together in his area. *double gasp*

Seriously, people: If they’re having a relationship I hope that he’s letting her stay over and doesn’t kick her out to find her way home in the middle of the night. And if they don’t have a relationship, it’s nice of him to offer her a place to crash; I’ve had plenty of my (male) friends stay over after a night’s drinking.

He’s still saying he’s single, by all accounts, but I wouldn’t go around advertising a relationship with a lingerie model either. If we see Haakon (Crown Prince of Norway) pat CP’s shoulder at Vikkan’s wedding we know he’s congratulating him, though *g*. And if they are in a relationship: good for them. Those two are grown ups, and even if CP has tendency to not act it, I’m pretty sure he can handle his own love life at the very least.

Also, look at how he’s carrying her purse. That man is well trained, people, Prince Carl Philip of Sweden has two sisters who have done their best to make him pliable. ;) (There are pictures where he’s doing the same for Madeleine, so this has precedent from way back.)

Also of interest: Sofia is going to Africa again in the fall, for three months this time, for charity. I have to leave it to her, if she really is gearing up to become a princess, she’s figured out the dos and don’t pretty quick, especially as we haven’t seen any new bikini pictures of her for more than six months. As far as that is concerned, I have to take my hat off to her, she’s doing well. Much better than a certain other royal girlfriend *cough*MissMiddleton*cough*, who is to do charity this fall as well but I don’t think anyone is believing her that she’s doing it out of her own goodwill or interest.

Well done, Sofia!

And because Sofia is not the only one CP is cuddling with these days:

Interesting, yes? *smirk* Whatever’s going on between those two, I don’t know. But at least CP is laying off the hair gel on racing weekends.