Pierre is by far the most eccentric of the siblings, which doesn’t necessarily mean bad things. Unlike other European royalty he manages to be eccentric without being scandalous (well, okay, except making out with his girlfriend Beatrice Borromeo – an Italian law student with a background in nobility – but that is comparably harmless; and hey, Pierre’s half-Italian *g*), which is a rare feat.

(And let me assure you, he also cleans up fabulously as is attested on all Rose Ball pictures of recent years.)

Pierre will probably his late father’s business-shares that are currently still under the wing of his paternal family, but as Pierre has started studying business and economics in Milan a while ago (stopped and started again), and his brother is expected to be Prince of Monaco, that is the likely scenario.

But as I was saying, Pierre is slightly eccentric, more so than his siblings. Relatively recent pictures show him and a friend (identity unknown atm) driving a horse-drawn caravan through the countryside. That included camping, of course. He is also known to take pictures of paparazzi in return, which, for me, is more a source of amusement than anything else. In terms of publicity, Pierre is a lot. Shy isn’t one of his attributes though.

Much like his brother, I’ve seen Pierre in various states of undress. So yes, he is definitely, very certainly not shy. And he’s cheeky enough to look straight into the camera while he’s doing it, too. (The presence of the photographers was obvious, I’ve seen the rest of that picture serious and…yeah.)

The boy has started to fill out that body of his in the last few years, before he was all arms and limbs and long hair; when I look at some of the pictures from previous years, I can only differ between him and Andrea by height if they’re standing next to one another, when there are single pictures, it’s hard to tell at times.

Pierre is probably the one who has inherited most of his father’s looks (although no one could ever dispute the paternity of any of the siblings, for comparison this is a picture of Stefano and Caroline on their wedding day) and probably the one who is most hit by his death in the long run. Andrea was 6 when their father died, Charlotte 4 and Pierre just barely 3 years old, there is no conscious memory of him for Stefano’s youngest son.

Today I watched Pierre give out the trophy for the third place in the F1 race, which was somewhat amusing, because despite all, Pierre is not the same kind of …limelight hog (in lack of a better word) as his uncle and the contrast was somewhat nice. Charlotte got to trophy for second place, but male race drivers are beautiful women, well, do the math ;) And I don’t even usually watch F1, this is all the fault of the Casiraghis *long suffering sigh*.

Pierre and his siblings have a younger half sister, Her Royal Highness Alexandra, Princess of Hanover, from their mother’s third marriage to Prince Ernst August of Hanover (and I hope it wasn’t Caroline who talked to her children about contraception because really…pregnant for two weddings is not the way to go, woman), who is being adored by her older siblings. I’ll leave her alone for the moment, because she’s only 11 years old and I want her to at least finish secondary school before going all vulture on her life. She is living with their mother in Monaco, since Caroline and Ernst August decided to go separate ways a while ago.

Looking at this post, maybe I need to make one about Stefano at some point, even though he only fits the sentiment of the blog only insofar as that he never did grow old. But after spending a good thirty minutes going through pictures of him, maybe that’s due, one of these days.