After I already showed you Andrea on Sunday, let’s go full circle and look at the others, shall we?

Pierre got to hand out the third place trophy to Robert Kubica. While Pierre certainly attended one of the many parties the evening prior to the race, he doesn’t look half as dead as his brother. Then again he’s three years younger and I wouldn’t put it past him to dig into Beatrice’s purse and steal her concealer. He also looks as if he borrowed that jacket from his uncle though.

Whatever those tow boys did… Well, I don’t think I really want to know.

Charlotte handed the second place trophy to Sebastian Vettel, who must have felt rather lucky that he was the only one to have gotten his from a pretty girl. She was the only one of the siblings who looked at least presentable and rested. Whatever her brothers did the night before, she was either not part of it or is much better at getting over a hangover than them. Kudos to Charlotte!

Well, we’ve talked about Andrea. I won’t show you the trophy presentation but here a shot of all officials just before the presentation of the trophies.

Albert was looking good, so was Charlene Wittstock, they obviously know better than to party all night.

As for Andrea, well. I hope he got sober again by Monday as I suppose he had to be back at work at some point, no?