I like Princess Madeleine of Sweden, I really do. Actually I like all the Bernadottes, they’re….different but from what’s available about them and from the private photos and footage I’ve seen, they’re a rather normal family and pretty nice. That they have a kinda hot prince doesn’t hurt either, of course.

But because I like her I can also say: Madde, you’re doing it wrong. Yes, you’ve been cheated on and while you’ve known about it and still got engaged to him (why?? whyever did you do that?) and now you ended things just in time. You go girl. And I can understand that you’re hurt and that it still hurts even after some time has gone by. I get that. Everyone does, probably, which is why people are cutting you quite a bit of slack, or have been, in any case.

But cancelling all your official engagements until the wedding – even the National Day which is super important – and then have pictures showing up where you’re lying in the Miami sun while everyone else is working, because you older sisters’ wedding is just around the corner (even you brother, who hates publicity)…is not a good move.

(Photo from svenskdam.se)
It puts you personally in a bad light and at some point, no one will care much about the fact that your fiancé cheated on you anymore in a little while. These are family engagements, and you’ll have three times the attention at the wedding you would have gotten anyway.

Seriously, you should know better.

Question is how much there’s still in the background somewhere. Swedish reporters have been hinting at stuff and that might be a reason why her parents haven’t kept her home (not that they ultimately could, Madeleine is old enough to make her own decisions). But this… I don’t know, this is not going to end well, I have the feeling.

What if she doesn’t show up for the wedding? Aside from Victoria killing her, of course.