What might have come across wrongly the last time I talked about HGD Guillaume:

I’m not hoping he’s gay simply for the rat’s tail of personal problems that would cause for someone on his position (we might have written a good outcome of a gay heir apparent in YHR but there are enough historical instances where it hasn’t ended well and while I might not care about the sexual orientation of the next Monarch of [Somewhere], others do and it would be hard), but the speculations are there (and Guillaume is not the first to be subject of such, think of Prince Edward and even to some extent Prince Carl Philip) and seems to surface every so often. *shrug* Nothing anyone can do, I guess. Then again, maybe the speculation will help once one of the young monarchs of the future does turn out to be homosexual, what with more and more countries granting same-sex marriage and going “as far as” (and yes the quotes are quite intentional) adoption rights and ivf.

That said, HGD Guillaume is quite a quite pleasant heir, there’s footage of him greeting various guests during an event in Luxembourg, Freddles and Mary (Mary with handkiss and if that isn’t charming I don’t know what is) among them and he seems to be on good enough terms with everyone. Personally, I’d take Guillaume over quite a bunch of young royalty out there, even though he seems to be quite often away from home these days. Hm *muses* maybe better that he, then he can’t come after me for…vituperating him *g*. Four hours isn’t a lot.

What I am looking forward to is seeing both HGD Guillaume and Prince Félix for Victoria’s wedding, that will be fun. Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark is bound to be there as well, and combined with Princess Madeleine and Prince Carl Philip that should be fun, considering the close degree of relation between all the involved and the obvious good friendship between the Grand Ducal Couple and the Swedish royals.