June 3rd passed without royal incident (well, without British royal incident at least, unless you count the style of dress that Princess Anne wore for King Konstantine II’s 70th birthday).

Speculation for June 4th are highly under way but so far the only thing newsworthy is the opening of new rehab facilities at the Headley Court Centre of the armed forces, which William will attend.

Meanwhile, several online sources are convinced there will be a wedding worth the equivalent of $40 Million, which I am…sceptical about, to say the least. For one, we’re in the middle of an economic crises and while royal families are a good way to get in money (tourism, etc.), that’s not a magnitude that’s acceptable. Secondly, while Prince William probably receives an appanage for his services to the crown, it’s not that magnitude either and his personal annual assets don’t amount to that sum either (his officer’s commission, his inheritance from Diana, etc.). While I don’t know what the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana cost, I have my doubts they’ll spend that much money, especially right now.

To illustrate: A couple of days ago the Queen has asked parliament to rise her own annual budget for the first time in twenty years, I doubt she’s currently looking at paying over 20 Million Pounds Sterling for a wedding, even if it is her grandson tying the knot.

If I was William, with the way the press is treating the matter at the moment, I’d run fast and I’d run far (to the Falklands, perhaps? ;-P).