Our all time favourite motorprinsen was racing again this weekend on the city course of Göteborg.

He made 8th place and looking at his stats, that’s pretty good. He only managed that because everyone else seems to have managed to turn their car into scrap metal. What’s that tell us? Either that he’s a very good driver or that he’s been so slow that he didn’t get mixed up in the crashes.

But actually, the race was interesting for more than just his placement, which I probably wouldn’t be blogging about, because look at this:

(omg, she’s so small! please keep on mind, for a Scandinavian male, Carl Philip is tiny, he’s barely more than 175 cm, if that and to find a second woman who’s even smaller than him, woah)

Yup, that’s Sofia, bikini model and alleged girlfriend of our motorprinsen, at the same race as King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, father of said prince. Mh! Let’s hope he said something like “Pappa, by the by, my new girlfriend will be there too.” and didn’t let them meet each other in the box without warning. That could have been….awkward.

Should I be speculating about this? Probably not, but it’s not like any of the involved will care all that much. (I hope at least, I’m still fearing emails from Clarence House with “I so DO top!” and sudden appearances from certain, locally closer, royalty in my lab, brrr.)

It’s an interesting development. Not that I’m under any illusions where Sofia is concerned, but it would be a good move from Carl Philip to finally stop saying he was single in interviews. Everyone’s more or less aware that she’s a temporary thing (I wouldn’t dare say rebound but there’s certain timing and peculiarities involved that make me sceptical), but since he’s been handling it this way, everyone knows she exists, too. What I have to say: If she is a beard, she’s turning out to be a pretty good one.

It seems she’s starting to do full time charity now and I have to point out: These two are not even officially together, while a certain other royal girlfriend *cough*MissMiddleton*cough* has been official for neigh eight years and has only deigned to say she would be available to attend charity events starting this fall. Compared to that, Sofia seems to have understood the system and is adapting to it. Good for her! Seriously, if she’s able to keep that up and even finds a calling there, the more power to her. Thumbs up, Sofia, well done!

Interesting is that she’s starting to get more good press now that she’s shown up at the races for the second time. This bears consideration, as so far the papers have been derogative (slightly) but are now starting to paint a better picture of her. This only gets significant if you know how the Swedish media obviously operates:

The Swedish tabloids knew about Jonas cheating for over a year already but kept it under wraps until the Norwegian media came out with it. They’re not as aggressive as the British or Norwegian press, on the contrary; they never followed the children when they were small but restricted their attention to the official photo and press ops several times a year. Sure, this has changed since they’re all adults now but compared to what the William and Miss Middleton as well as Haakon and Metter-Marit had and have to suffer, it’s ridiculous. It’s part of why I’m really starting to like the Swedes enough to consider more than just a stint there, but that’s not something I’ll be elaborating on.

All things considered? This is bound to be entertaining for several months to come. Sofia is not attending (or invited to, for that matter) the wedding, although Emma is coming. That’s not bound to be a problem as CP and Emma are still getting along really well and Victoria is close friends with her. No trouble there.