I realise I’ve become rather biased where Prince William and his girlfriend, Miss Middleton, are concerned. Not only due to “To Move Earth and Heaven”, but also since she simply lacks any redeeming qualities imho. Well, unless you count as redeeming that she hasn’t caused any major scandals. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I hate her, because I simply don’t know her, but I can’t bring myself to have a high opinion of her (believe me, I’ve tried, especially as I didn’t want to be derogative in YHR).

However! Even if I did love Miss Middleton to pieces and wanted to be her best friend, the Mirror had an article yesterday that even then, I would have regarded with some annoyance. It also explains why Prince William got tasked with three new charities after this weekend.

Let me quote:

“Prince William’s girlfriend Kate Middleton is selling official England merchandise – by Royal Appointment. Her family firm’s website has been given the go ahead by the Football Association – president, Prince William – to sell official England gear for children’s parties.”

Head, meet desk.

Dear William: That’s called neopotism, in case you weren’t aware. No matter how good your girlfriend is in bed, this can’t go well. Especially as Miss Middleton’s family has always claimed they don’t draw advantage from the fact that their daughter is sleeping with the future King of England. Seriously, this hasn’t worked more than 400 years ago for the Boleyns, it’s unlikely to work now for the Middletons. *sigh* Gosh, the things people will do for sex.

In further news, it seems Miss Middleton was made to sign a gag agreement, basically stipulating she isn’t allowed to sell her story should she and Prince William divorce. Guess the royal family has learned from, uhm, previous cases. It would be interesting to know if this only applies upon marriage or if this is fact from the point in time of its signing.

Now, we all know how the tabloids operate, so this last bit if news is to be taken with a pinch of salt, naturally. The first bit though? Is official.