I’m only half joking ;-).

Last month, Charlotte, Tatiana Santo-Domingo (Andrea’s girlfriend), Alexandra (of Hanover, the little half-sister of the Casiraghi siblings) and Pierre attended a friend’s baby shower, doing a baby pouch theme, where all the guests had to show up ‘pregnant’.

Pierre, in the unbelievable hilarity of the situation, clearly was the only rooster in the yard. Gotta love the man.

At the very least, he didn’t shave his legs.

Now if he only would drop the smokes *sigh*

As I said, Charlotte and Tatiana were in attendance, too, with much more believable baby bellies and I don’t even want to imagine what were to happen of one of the press vultures interpreted this one wrong in a couple of months…

Btw, Tatiana may not look it standing beside Andrea most of the time (who is freakishly tall himself, ranging around the same area as William with more than 190 cm), but she’s a formidable woman with at least 180 cm of height. Without heels. Woah.

(Ah, I wish I could give Tatiana a tag, but then I have to give one to every royal girlfriend and I’m not up to that. Fiancé/es are a different matter. ;-))

In further news, Pierre is on holiday with his girlfriend Beatrice Borromeo at the moment and is acting way too cute:

Clearly, Alexandra has trained her big brother well ;)