I was watching the current football (soccer) worldcup with friends the other night, France vs. Uruguay and suddenly sat up straighter “WTF is Andrea doing there?”

Needless to say, of course Andrea was not the one playing there, but it did remind me of several things I wanted to post anyway. So here we go with a lookalike post!

When I first came upon Carl Philip, the Orlando Bloom comparison was veeeery prominent, so we’ll be starting with that:

There’s more, but I thought these were quite enough. And at a casual glance? Sure. After a while it doesn’t get all that obvious anymore but yeah, I can still see it.

But CP isn’t the only one. His future brother-in-law, Daniel Westling, could be the twin of Germany’s Minister of Defence, Karl Theodor Freiherr von und zu Guttenberg (who is, initially, ‘noble’ as far as Germany still recognises that concept, his family was formerly part of the nobility):

It was very amusing when I came upon this one. KT and his wife were at the Olympic Games in the same stands as the Swedish delegation (consisting a.o. of King Carl XVI Gustaf, Queen Silvia and Prince Carl Philip), they must have thought they were seeing things. Interesting will be who is being sent by Germany as the representative at Vikkan’s wedding, as we don’t currently have a president who can do it, since Horst Köhler quit. Angela Merkel? Guido Westerwelle? Considering Angela was just visited by Mette-Marit and Haakon that might even be an option. Guido? Ah no thanks.

I have refrained from adding Haakon and Guillaume to the list because it#s just the beards that make them look so much alike (and older than they would look without).

Unfortunately, Prince William is starting to look a lot like his uncle Prince Edward. For one, that of course disperses any allegation of whose son he is (if there was every any doubt regarding him), on the other hand, this is quite a rapid progression, considering Edward is 20 years older than William.

See what I mean? Oh Wills, it saddens me ;_; You were so pretty when you were young.

And last but not least, of course, Andrea Casiraghi and Diego Forlán, one of the national players if Uruguay:

If you google for images of Mr. Forlán you will find that he shares Andrea’s predilection for getting undressed in public. I have to admit though, his pecs are more yummy than Andrea’s (nothing against Andrea of course but…I’m trying to be objective here ;-)).

Any other lookalikes I forgot here or simply didn’t think of?