Princess Victoria’s wedding – Nuggets 3 Saturday, Jun 19 2010 

Still at dinner, although currently trying to eat myself.

Still looking for Félix at the side tables, spotted pretty much every else who was of immediate interest to me.

Carl Philip got Daniel’s sister to entertain (and woah, boy, if I didn’t know she was married I’d say you’re flirting!) directly next to the bridal table (where Daniel’s mama Eva is seated between King Carl XVI Gustaf and King Harald of Norway, woah). Madeleine is across from him, entertaining the Bulgarians (or one of them, anyway).

They seated GD Henri two seats away from her, GD María Teresa next to Prince Albert, with Queen Rania of Jordania on his other side (love that woman).

Princess Mette-Marit was seated next to HGD Guillaume, who in turn is sitting next to Hereditary Princess of Liechtenstein. Those three are having the time of their life, it seems. Like woah. I’ve seen Guillaume talk to a bunch of people yet but never relaxed and casual like this with anyone. If I was truly cynical, I’d say the beard reminds her of her husband *g*. (Yep, Guillaume is unshaven despite full dress uniform, but so are Prince Haakon and Prince Philippe and while Haakon and Guillaume manage to look groomed well enough, the look does tend to come across a bit scruffy with Philippe… Hm. Mathilde, make you husband shave.)

Anyway, this bit is interesting, as MM especially is known to have made gay rights a personal agenda (she’s written the foreword for that book, Skapsprengerne, that was actually true what I wrote in “To Move Earth and Heaven”). Coincidence? Probably. Still think it’s funny.

Oh and Carl Philip looks dashing today, doesn’t he? He didn’t even fall into the hair gel bottle today ♥. Wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers right now. Yum.


Princess Victoria’s wedding – Nuggets 2 Saturday, Jun 19 2010 

First off, of course, congratulations to the newly wedded couple. Should have done that before but well *g*.

A few more observations (before we start in on the pictures later, eh?) that partly belong to the post from yesterday, but let’s roll with this, eh?

If one more reporter is speculating when Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock will finally tie the knot or how theirs will be the next royal wedding we’re seeing, I’m going to scream. Seriously. I’m sick of hearing it. Albert is over 50, and unlike what they said on tv, he has legitimate heirs, even though they’re not his own children. Since they established male-preference primogeniture, Caroline’s children are just as suitable as heirs as any of those Albert could father on Charlene. Period. I’m sure Charlene is super nice and would make a very good princess, but I’m not sure either of them want to do that to themselves. By the time Albert’s children were old enough he’d be way over 70.

Victoria said she didn’t care of they were engaged or not and he should just bring her along, so Albert did. I’m seriously annoyed by this speculation (and not because I want to see Andrea ruling the principality, I’m just sick of hearing it). Also, Albert might not be young anymore but he certainly stayed young at heart, so let’s include him. Also, he’s highly entertaining.

Also, I was actually really happy they dug up Roxette again last night *g* I had a terrible, terrible fall back into my early teenagehood when I heard The Look and I guess Vikkan and CP had a similar reaction (Madde, too). It was funny how all the royals went nuts over the performance, even the King sand Queens, while the rest of the older audience was a liiiitle bit confused.

We’re currently watching the guests arrive for the wedding banquet, which should be additionally interesting.

Did I already mention I loved Vikkan’s dress? *g* I must have.

I briefly saw our two Luxembourgian princes but when Guillaume walked the carpet (with the Yugoslawian crown princely couple no less), he didn’t warrant any mentioned (neither were the Yugoslawiens, btw). It’s quite sad, Luxembourg is one of our neighbours and the tv commentators don’t recognise them (okay, they did recognise Henri and María Teresa and if I hadn’t know Félix I wouldn’t have known him either but Guillaume? oh please) -.- even though they did know they exist, but they are on the guest list after all.


Princess Victoria’s wedding – Nuggets 1 Saturday, Jun 19 2010 

1. I loved loved loved the dress. So much. It was simple and pretty and just very much Victoria.

2. Carl Philip gave the groom away XD. I laughed so much. But CP looked almost happier than Daniel, I think he was so relieved and happy.

More and also pictures to follow later. Still watching footage. (Oh, and look: new princely tag ^^ which also means retiring the Daniel Westling tag.)

England vs Algeria Saturday, Jun 19 2010 

Now, that game was boring. I was watching the gala performance on the side, of course, but seriously, if England is going to keep going like that? Bah. I’m cheering for Uruguay these days, btw ;)

Anyway, the more interesting part of the game was the very very short look at William and Harry that I got on tv (thankfully, the Spiegel was so nice as to provide pictures).

Did they have the tie on sale or what? *sigh* (Thank you, Lara, for pointing it out.)

Seriously, dear William, had you gone to Sweden to meet your peers – the people who will be heads of state alongside you, you know? – you would have had more entertainment than with this game. Harry could have mastered this alone (and I would hope he only chose that shirt because all others were dirty, because that shirt with that tie? ugh), and maybe they should have recruited him to play then…he couldn’t have done worse than the team. Tsk.

Well, the Algerians fans had it right, at least:

Take her, Wills, at least she likes footie.