Now, that game was boring. I was watching the gala performance on the side, of course, but seriously, if England is going to keep going like that? Bah. I’m cheering for Uruguay these days, btw ;)

Anyway, the more interesting part of the game was the very very short look at William and Harry that I got on tv (thankfully, the Spiegel was so nice as to provide pictures).

Did they have the tie on sale or what? *sigh* (Thank you, Lara, for pointing it out.)

Seriously, dear William, had you gone to Sweden to meet your peers – the people who will be heads of state alongside you, you know? – you would have had more entertainment than with this game. Harry could have mastered this alone (and I would hope he only chose that shirt because all others were dirty, because that shirt with that tie? ugh), and maybe they should have recruited him to play then…he couldn’t have done worse than the team. Tsk.

Well, the Algerians fans had it right, at least:

Take her, Wills, at least she likes footie.