Princess Victoria’s wedding – King Carl XVI Gustaf Sunday, Jun 20 2010 

Escorting Eva Westling here, Prince Daniel’s mother.

CG is mostly interesting as he is wearing multiple orders here.

Around his neck on the yellow and with the blue edges is the Order of the Sword, the military order.

The first collar (the short one) is the Order of Vasa, the lowest of the Swedish orders. Officially both the Order of Vasa and the Order of the Sword are dormant and only CG still wears them. Remember that Sweden is a military neutral country.

The long collar is the same that Carl Philip and other senior members of the royal households are wearing, the Collar of the Order of the Seraphim, you can see it better in the Carl Philip post below.

Further, he is wearing the grand star of the Order of the Seraphim as well as the grand star of the Order of the Polar Star (the second highest order to be given in to members of a learned profession, it is an order of merit and also an order conferred to junior royals, you’ll see the sash and the badge on quite a few princesses and princes ion the next few days as I get around to posting).

CG delivered a wonderful speech during the banquet. I don’t think anyone still wonders if the King actually approves of the match.


Princess Victoria’s wedding – Madeleine Sunday, Jun 20 2010 

The press was mightily surprised that Madeleine decided to come to the wedding.

And I have no idea why.

Seriously, no matter what has happened, this wedding has been set for over a year, did anyone really think Madeleine would miss this for the world? This is her older sister getting married, even if your lying and cheating bastard of a fiancé betrayed you, you don’t miss something like this! Madde is a beautiful, young and certainly strong woman and this day, her sister is the main person. People might ask, but not pressure. Besides, this was a day for her to meet the rest of her family as well.

Beautiful dress. She’s too tanned though, which is a bit sad :( but otherwise she’s looking beautiful

Here I actually know what tiara she’s wearing, as the Swedish commentators kept repeating it; this is Princess Sibylla’s tiara, she was King Carl XVI Gustaf’s mother and died before he ascended the throne of breast cancer. The sash and badge she’s wearing (along with the grand star) is the Order of the Seraphim as well, which all members of the Swedish royal family are members of.

Sadly, Madde will be going back to America to work for the World Childhood Foundation after all the festivities are done with. I can understand that and I think it’s great she’s found something that seems to suit her with the work in Queen Silvia’s foundation, but it also means we won’t get to see her a lot. But I think it was just as important for Victoria that her sister was there as it was for Madeleine.

With the rumours about Jonas cropping up left and right, that he actually got one of his affairs pregnant, I wouldn’t be staying in Sweden either though, if I were her. So it is with a smiling and a crying eye that I watch her go her way. She’ll return eventually, I’m rather sure of that, but in the meantime…

Remember I posted Carl Philip standing on her dress the other day? I think she almost beat him with her purse for that *g*.

Ah CP, you might be edible, but you’re a klutz at this.

Love Madde though. She’s also holding on to her brother when she thinks he might start making a run for it. I don’t have a picture of it exactly but there’s a scene from the day before yesterday, before the gala performance, when she and CP are turning around to Silvia and Gustaf and you can see on the video how she’s splaying her hand along he forearm to keep her brother put. She knows him *g*.

(Look at her hand on his arm.)

She got to keep King Abdullah of Jordania company last night during the dinner, and they had an animated discussion indeed. Queen Rania and King Abdullah are guesting in Sweden more often than say, the Brits are, and there are friendly connections there indeed. One of the few royals the Swedes aren’t related to who were in attendance yesterday, so that was extra special as well.

Madde, I’ll miss you. Make your brother and your knew brother-in-law kick that idiot who cheated on you but good, I tell you. That’s what brothers are for.

Princess Victoria’s wedding – Carl Philip Sunday, Jun 20 2010 

No, Carl Philip didn’t bring his lingerie model. His sister would have ripped his head off, and besides, he was busy being best friend to the groom and escorting his new sister-by-marriage.

But he looked positively edible. Dashing. Considering I’ve been worried a bit about him in recent months, because he had lost quite a bit of weight and generally didn’t look so good, this is a huge relief. And his behaviour was impeccable, I’m very much impressed. I might be a little enamoured at the moment *g*.

CP escorted Daniel from the Stockholm Royal Palace to the Cathedral to Stockholm (Cathedral of St Nikolai). You can see already that it was a good day for him and when he appeared on screen he looked so very happy, it almost rivalled Daniel.

CP and Daniel are generally getting along very well and we initially speculated he would definitely best man…before realizing that the Church of Sweden doesn’t operate according to that concept (growing up Catholic does not give you appreciation for the Lutheran way of doing things, sorry). Anyway, he wasn’t best man, but he did have an important part nonetheless. As those two are pretty good (best?) friends, the role he would play as that and as brother of the bride was a given, of course. I didn’t see too much of him during the ceremony, as Victoriawas always in front of him but from the few snatches you could see… Well.

Carl Philip is wearing the collar and badge of the Order of the Seraphim here, and this is the first time ever I’ve seen him wear the collar and not just the sash. The Order of the Seraphim is the highest order of the kingdom of Sweden and all members of the Swedish royal family (Daniel as well, as of his marriage, you will see the light blue sash and the star pinned to his chest later) are members or rather, knights of that order. All of those knights are allowed to wear the collar, but more commonly worn is the sash worn from right shoulder to left hip and the star pinned to the left chest. The sash is held in light blue, referred to as seraphim blue. As everyone else (well, every other monarch at least, including GD Henri for example) was wearing the collar, I guess they made CP wear it as well. That might have been a very good idea too, as his bow tie remained straight all through the ceremony and almost straight all through the banquet. Bravo! (More about the Seraphim order later, I’ll get those insignia up at some point -.-)

Wedding ceremonies in Sweden are normally such as the bride and groom enter the church together, it is supposed to show the free choice of those two people. There has been much controversy before the wedding day, as Victoria wanted to be given away by her father, for her own reasons at which I can very well guess but which I won’t be divulging on, and the compromise was that Victoria and Daniel met halfway down the asile. Vikkan was given away by her father and who was waiting with Daniel? Of course, Carl Philip.

My heart went out to both of them, really. I can easily imagine this was not only the happiest day in Daniel’s life, but also in CP’s. There’s this about him, the problem with publicity and the media and I think he was very worried about having to take care of succession. This is the biggest step towards eliminating that problem and it’s doing wonders. You’ll see what I mean in a moment. Also, if you had any doubts about how close these two are…

He’s looking straight into the camera! Whenever has the world seen something like that? Hold still, my heart.

(this last is after the marriage was sealed, I think that is the marriage certificate or something, I’m not sure. anyone?)

One could almost think he’s said that he has to give Daniel to his sister now, eh? ;-) Evil to him who evil thinks.

Also, Carl Philip my love, you’re starting to wrinkle when you’re really happy.

Lucky you’re absolutely gorgeous otherwise and the crow feet are actually adorable, as they’re a sign of happiness. Still not kicking him out of bed *licks*. Ahem.

Let’s hope he’s that happy more often, yes?

Princess Victoria’s wedding – Retrospect Sunday, Jun 20 2010 

First off, congratulations to the happily married couple!

Now, how shall we do this? If I want to post all the pictures that would warrant posting today, I wouldn’t finish, so essentially, I have material for a year or something ;-). I’ll go with what strikes my fancy at the time.

Also, as Lara and I were discussing it yesterday while watching the banquet, it may be high time to get all those royal orders straight, as everyone was out wearing them. I am not going to talk about tiaras or jewellery [much, as I snatched up some stuff from the Swedish commentators *g*] or even dresses too much. The dress code was white tie, so that’s what it comes down to, essentially. If you fancy tiaras, head over to Ella’s Mad Hattery, she does a wonderful job of it and actually knows what she’s talking about. I’ll add a few pieces of information about orders later, perhaps.

I’m currently crawling Belga for pictures, others to follow later and it’ll take a while to sort through all of them. However, we’ll start with a few essential things today and go from there, eh?

As I said, I loved Victoria’s dress. It was simple, beautiful and very her. It didn’t draw attention away from anything and she actually could move in the thing (aside from the train and veil, but that worked out pretty well).

The ceremony was beautiful, and this is what I like about the Scandinavians: This was essentially a family affair. When you can’t help being related to all the kings and queens and heir apparents, you might just as well make the most of it and that’s what the guests went with as well. Plenty of them had their own cameras and it was surprising neither Gustaf nor Carl Philip brought theirs. This is what you get from intermarriage, it is problematic because it limits the gene pool, but it’s great for festivities. I hope Prince Daniel will find his own place there.

Everyone else has been writing about the speeches delivered, so I won’t be repeating that. But if you’re still this much in love after almost a decade of being in a relationship, you deserve your happy end. And with this marriage I’m actually pretty certain it’ll hold. Fingers crossed and lets hope for a full regimen of children *g*.