Escorting Eva Westling here, Prince Daniel’s mother.

CG is mostly interesting as he is wearing multiple orders here.

Around his neck on the yellow and with the blue edges is the Order of the Sword, the military order.

The first collar (the short one) is the Order of Vasa, the lowest of the Swedish orders. Officially both the Order of Vasa and the Order of the Sword are dormant and only CG still wears them. Remember that Sweden is a military neutral country.

The long collar is the same that Carl Philip and other senior members of the royal households are wearing, the Collar of the Order of the Seraphim, you can see it better in the Carl Philip post below.

Further, he is wearing the grand star of the Order of the Seraphim as well as the grand star of the Order of the Polar Star (the second highest order to be given in to members of a learned profession, it is an order of merit and also an order conferred to junior royals, you’ll see the sash and the badge on quite a few princesses and princes ion the next few days as I get around to posting).

CG delivered a wonderful speech during the banquet. I don’t think anyone still wonders if the King actually approves of the match.