The press was mightily surprised that Madeleine decided to come to the wedding.

And I have no idea why.

Seriously, no matter what has happened, this wedding has been set for over a year, did anyone really think Madeleine would miss this for the world? This is her older sister getting married, even if your lying and cheating bastard of a fiancé betrayed you, you don’t miss something like this! Madde is a beautiful, young and certainly strong woman and this day, her sister is the main person. People might ask, but not pressure. Besides, this was a day for her to meet the rest of her family as well.

Beautiful dress. She’s too tanned though, which is a bit sad :( but otherwise she’s looking beautiful

Here I actually know what tiara she’s wearing, as the Swedish commentators kept repeating it; this is Princess Sibylla’s tiara, she was King Carl XVI Gustaf’s mother and died before he ascended the throne of breast cancer. The sash and badge she’s wearing (along with the grand star) is the Order of the Seraphim as well, which all members of the Swedish royal family are members of.

Sadly, Madde will be going back to America to work for the World Childhood Foundation after all the festivities are done with. I can understand that and I think it’s great she’s found something that seems to suit her with the work in Queen Silvia’s foundation, but it also means we won’t get to see her a lot. But I think it was just as important for Victoria that her sister was there as it was for Madeleine.

With the rumours about Jonas cropping up left and right, that he actually got one of his affairs pregnant, I wouldn’t be staying in Sweden either though, if I were her. So it is with a smiling and a crying eye that I watch her go her way. She’ll return eventually, I’m rather sure of that, but in the meantime…

Remember I posted Carl Philip standing on her dress the other day? I think she almost beat him with her purse for that *g*.

Ah CP, you might be edible, but you’re a klutz at this.

Love Madde though. She’s also holding on to her brother when she thinks he might start making a run for it. I don’t have a picture of it exactly but there’s a scene from the day before yesterday, before the gala performance, when she and CP are turning around to Silvia and Gustaf and you can see on the video how she’s splaying her hand along he forearm to keep her brother put. She knows him *g*.

(Look at her hand on his arm.)

She got to keep King Abdullah of Jordania company last night during the dinner, and they had an animated discussion indeed. Queen Rania and King Abdullah are guesting in Sweden more often than say, the Brits are, and there are friendly connections there indeed. One of the few royals the Swedes aren’t related to who were in attendance yesterday, so that was extra special as well.

Madde, I’ll miss you. Make your brother and your knew brother-in-law kick that idiot who cheated on you but good, I tell you. That’s what brothers are for.