First off, congratulations to the happily married couple!

Now, how shall we do this? If I want to post all the pictures that would warrant posting today, I wouldn’t finish, so essentially, I have material for a year or something ;-). I’ll go with what strikes my fancy at the time.

Also, as Lara and I were discussing it yesterday while watching the banquet, it may be high time to get all those royal orders straight, as everyone was out wearing them. I am not going to talk about tiaras or jewellery [much, as I snatched up some stuff from the Swedish commentators *g*] or even dresses too much. The dress code was white tie, so that’s what it comes down to, essentially. If you fancy tiaras, head over to Ella’s Mad Hattery, she does a wonderful job of it and actually knows what she’s talking about. I’ll add a few pieces of information about orders later, perhaps.

I’m currently crawling Belga for pictures, others to follow later and it’ll take a while to sort through all of them. However, we’ll start with a few essential things today and go from there, eh?

As I said, I loved Victoria’s dress. It was simple, beautiful and very her. It didn’t draw attention away from anything and she actually could move in the thing (aside from the train and veil, but that worked out pretty well).

The ceremony was beautiful, and this is what I like about the Scandinavians: This was essentially a family affair. When you can’t help being related to all the kings and queens and heir apparents, you might just as well make the most of it and that’s what the guests went with as well. Plenty of them had their own cameras and it was surprising neither Gustaf nor Carl Philip brought theirs. This is what you get from intermarriage, it is problematic because it limits the gene pool, but it’s great for festivities. I hope Prince Daniel will find his own place there.

Everyone else has been writing about the speeches delivered, so I won’t be repeating that. But if you’re still this much in love after almost a decade of being in a relationship, you deserve your happy end. And with this marriage I’m actually pretty certain it’ll hold. Fingers crossed and lets hope for a full regimen of children *g*.