Another day, another small batch of royals attending Princess Victoria’s wedding on Saturday (and just when I should be getting my presentation ready, too.)

I talked plenty about Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and his brother Prince Félix already, but so far neglected to deliver photographic evidence.

I didn’t see him at all on picture from Thursday, but HGD Guillaume did show up spiff and speck on Friday for the dinner and the gala performance.

He might be wearing his watch on his right wrist (as does Félix), but to the best of my knowledge the HGD is right handed. This is a curiosity about these two. As I mentioned, I did see Félix on the footage, but I haven’t yet seen pictures of him on the carpet to the dinner or the performance.

On Saturday, HGD Guillaume walked to church with HRH The Crown Prince of Yugoslawia Alexander and his wife, Princess Katherine. Interestingly, as I also pointed out already, the German commentators remained quiet about who we were seeing, which pissed me off a bit. I can understand about Alexander and Katherine, but Luxembourg is one of our neighbouring countries, and not quite as unimportant.

(mind the full dress uniform and the beard, I like him much better with the heard)

Why they sent Guillaume with these two though, I have no idea. I’m not aware of any closer-than-normal ties between the Luxembourgians and the former Yugoslawian royal family (of course they are related in some way, but that’s not enough reason!). Also, since they made Prince Félix walk alone to the cathedral.

Poor love. All alone. They could at least have let him walk with his brother.

The thing about Félix is, while he’s certainly versed in how to behave and what to do and what not to do, this is his first major outing outside of Luxembourg. He’s still studying (bioethics, in Rome) and doesn’t have his own duties (yet). I expect after this wedding that is going to change, as he’s the second oldest and the Luxembourgians only have three working royals at the moment. and even as small as the country is, that’s not enough. Grand Duke Henri needs to look after his health and has been delegating most long-distance trips to Guillaume and recent years and Guillaume is simply stretched thin. If he keeps going like he is, he’ll burn out in a matter of years, so I guess bringing Félix in now to help is simply a necessity.

Poor boy also wasn’t recognised at all, they labelled him as Philippos of Greece, as Guillaume, Carl Philip… Pretty much everyone but himself, it was really sad.

On a sidenote, that might be another reason why Guillaume isn’t in a [publicly known] relationship: When is that man supposed to meet someone in the first place? Or date, for that matter. I’ve had a couple of looks at Guillaume’s schedule and I seriously wonder when the man has time to sleep.

I still haven’t found out where Félix was seated during the banquet, but Guillaume found his place at the table of honour between Princess Mette-Marit of Norway and Hereditary Princess Sophia of Liechtenstein.

If both of them weren’t happily married women and mothers of children, I’d say he was flirting *g*. It’s a surprise, actually, how delighted they looked during the whole dinner. Maybe it shouldn’t be, Guillaume met his previous girlfriend (or beard or whatever) at MM’s wedding to Haakon. But it warms my heart to see this, I don’t see Guillaume interacting with his peers often and that’s so so important.

He was, btw, MM’s table date and don’t they make a pretty pair?

It’s only slightly spoiled by the fact that she’s half a head taller than him ;-)

As you can see, both Guillaume as well as Félix are wearing orange sashes and eight-pointed stars on their chest. This is the Ordre du Lion d’Or de la Maison de Nassau, the Order of the Gold Lion of the House of Nassau. Interestingly, this order can be used by both branches of the House of Nassau, Nassau-Orange (ruling the country that now are the Netherlands) and Nassau-Weilburg (the Luxembourgian branch). This, of course, has historical reasons I might divulge on later. It is the highest order the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has to bestow on anyone. The badge on the sash as well as the grand star pinned to the chest bear the golden lion of the House of Nassau.

Why they still haven’t given Guillaume the Seraphim (or at least the Polar Star) is a mystery to me, Luxembourg and Sweden have well maintained ties (historically speaking as well as contemporary, the monarchs are visiting one another quite often and there seems to be a good friendship blooming there) and all the heir apparents have the Seraphim already (Freddles, Haakon…) and Guillaume is a bit the odd one out there *sigh*. Well, maybe they’ll do it at the next opportunity (or even did it on Sunday before they left?).

Interesting to know would be who was regent while Henri, Guillaume and Félix were out being royalty? The only true options left in Luxembourg are Sébastien (the youngest brother, barely having reached his majority) and Jean, the former Grand Duke who abdicated in 2000 but still does the occasional bout of regency, I guess.