Unfortunately, it looks like the NotW was right this time, because The Telegraph is carrying the story, too. Meh.

I actually wanted to do a post on Astrid and Lorenz as well as Naruhito at Vikkan’s wedding but as the deluge of comments I seem to have spawned with my post two days ago, it seems I will have to elaborate a little more.

Which also brings me to this: People, you may be on the internet, but that does not give you the right to be derogative, to insult me or anyone I write about or to flame and wank. At least not on YHR. Even if you don’t like people (or me or whatever) that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be courteous enough to at least use people’s names. So please, if you comment, do it properly or don’t do it at all [at least here].

Dear Harry, if the Telegraph has the truth of it, you’re an idiot. Sorry, I like you, but that’s the truth.

And I do like Harry. His one major flaw is that he’s a playboy (maybe, maybe not in the sexual context, I’m not one to say), but with the RAF he has found something that’s totally up his alley and that he can devout his time and energy to, something worth working for. And at least he has fun, right?

As for Chelsy, of course she’s rich (or rather, her family is), but that’s hardly her fault, is it? And being rich doesn’t automatically give you good grades (believe me, I was in school with a couple of snobs and not all of them did well) or give you the will to work for what you’re achieving. And she is working. She also has it right, even if she would have stayed with Harry, even if she had agreed to spending her life cutting ribbons, at least she would have done something. It’s what distinguishes her from Miss Middleton, in part.

All the royal wives and girlfriends (or husbands and boyfriends, lets think of Prince Daniel, too), even Princess Mary (who I’m not overly fond of), have worked real jobs before they married or been engaged otherwise in activities that would aid them in their future role. Certainly, that in part was because prior to their marriage they were commoners and often wouldn’t have dreamed about ending up with a trunk full of tiaras one day, but that’s beside the point. And when you’re young enough not to “have to” work in your trained job / chosen profession, that at least do something else. Charity, for example.

Considering that Miss Middleton has quit her (alibi) job (at her parents’) to be in North-Wales more or less permanently, well. Do the math. (Dear William, I hope you won’t climb the walls after a month.)

Anyway, I totally get where Miss Davy was coming from though, after a fashion. But she’s also young enough still to make that decision and it’s admirable that she’s so sure of what she doesn’t want out of life. Think of what life as a princess (of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth) means before you start condemning people for making decision about their own life. You’re free to make yours, why shouldn’t they, when they’re not duty-bound already?

[And yes, you could argue that the same is true for William and Miss Middleton. For various reasons though, which have a lot to do with responsibilities and places in succession and the presence of feelings, it isn’t the same situation.]