Were you cold, dearest?

Several reasons to make this post now, I know, I know. I didn’t forget it or decided to ignore it, I’m just a little pressed for time these days.

Anyway, Albert you rascal, you almost gave the lie to my opinion!

Albert attended with Charlene, and not as his plus one, but she was on the guest list, got her own name on the invitation and all (unlike, e.g. Miss Middleton or Miss Davy, even though their boyfriends were invited). According to the commentators, Vikkan said she didn’t care if they were engaged or not. Fact is though: Charlene was relegated to second row during the ceremony (albeit still in a place of honour, right behind Albert).

Which gives several interesting spins to the engagement, which was announced mere days after the wedding.

If Albert had asked her before Vikkan’s wedding, I have to say he was polite enough to wait and not steal her spotlight by announcing he’s finally decided to make an honest woman of someone.

If this is a development that took its course after the wedding, I have to wonder if Miss Wittstock didn’t simply find it annoying to have a different status even though actually she didn’t. This could just as well just be a formalization, especially as we don’t have an appointment for the wedding yet. As long as that’s not set, I suppose this serves other purposes.

Might she be pregnant? Again, there is no date for the wedding yet, and as I suppose no one would be surprised about Albert deciding to marry spontaneously (Grimaldis are…eccentric, after all), with no date set I’m not convinced of that. And the question I’ve brought up several times already, if Albert wants (more) children is still on the table. Miss Wittstock had some work done on herself, Albert is over 50 and I’m not sure at all.

What will be more than interesting, is who will come to that wedding, if we’ll get one at all.

The Grimaldis are ‘only’ Serene Highnesses, they’re not royal in the sense of the word. The wedding of Rainier III and Gracia Patricia (née Grace Kelly) was boycotted by the high nobility, because it was an unequal marriage, and the marriage between Albert and Miss Wittstock would be as well. On the other hand, as many nominally unequal marriages as we’re currently having in the European nobility, no one should care much. (Of course, at the wedding of Rainier and Grace, Monaco was a bare rock and tiny rock with barely anything to offer other than gambling, today Monaco is the place to be.)

It is interesting though, about the Grimaldis. Maybe I should make another history post, when I have the time. In my first post on HGD Guillaume I had a very interesting discussion the other day about that issue (partly about that, anyway) and maybe I should elaborate a little more on a few differences where power is concerned. We’re living in a secularized Europe these days, with laws not made and governed over by monarchs anymore (with a few exceptions, Monaco being one of them incidentally), yet some countries still keep themselves monarchies and the general idea where wedding politics are concerned are still the same as they were hundreds of years ago. Mh, yes, a post on dynastic and real power is definitely under way at some point.

Anyway, Albert is an interesting monarch and any marriage he’s bound to have is going to be illustrious, at the very least. I wish them all the best, but I’m not convinced. I’m also not blaming Albert for waiting for forever, he’s seen what has become of both of his sisters’ marriages (excluding Stefano here because…well, different circumstances).

And Albert, please, at your own wedding…don’t wear the uniform, please -.-