The Daily Mail carried another piece on Prince William and Miss Middleton yesterday the day before yesterday (pesky real life interfering *g*).

Why isn’t he simply saying “Sorry, haven’t found the right girl to marry yet and in the meantime I’m using Kate as my bedwarmer. And you want me to be easy-going and mellow, don’t you?”? I mean that’s essentially what it comes down to, even if not in so many words.

He must have known the question would arise sooner rather than later, especially what with him making such statements earlier (which was foolish, yes, and good thing he knows that). And everyone involved must know that this time at the latest that there’s not going to be a wedding. Probably at all.

The problem also is: I’m not sure how he wants to get out of this. If he leaves her now he’s a bastard, if he keeps stringing her along he’s a bastard. He’s not being fair to her (unless she’s being paid for it and I don’t even want to imagine that), and that’s saying something coming from me. This is worse than what his father did with Camilla, and at least Camilla must have known from the start that there was no future, 30 odd years ago.

One more thing is: Does she not realise what he’s doing? Does she not care that he’s doing it? And if so, why is that? A lot about this relationship doesn’t make sense (unless financial transaction are involved).

And if there’s something not kosher about this, if Miss Middleton is not only hidden behind smoke screen but if she is the smoke screen, what is the British court hiding? What, in this day and age, can be so problematic that you need to put on such an elaborate hoax?

Against the idea of a constructed hoax stands, of course, the fact that they have been together in St. Andrews already where there was no immediate media attention, but what if something developed out of that later?

Maybe I’m being paranoid.

As for the Middletons, I’m not sure how ‘royal’ they have been behaving in the last couple of years. Not sure at all, because at this point I would say that they haven’t. There’s always two sides to a coin, that should taken into account always.