Horseback riding Wednesday, Jul 28 2010 

Royals learn to ride. All royals do, in case there’s some necessity. And also, riding has long been a privilege of the rich, so it’s a given.

A lot of the (young) royals cut a pretty good figure ahorse; the Casiraghi siblings are clearly comfortable in the saddle, as are the the Princes William and Harry and Princess Madeleine, while her brother looks like his thigh muscles will start cramping any moment.

Something tells me though, that Prince Frederik is a hopeless case.

Oh, Freddles…


To be forever protected and secure… Monday, Jul 19 2010 

…always comes at a price.

Earlier this year, it was announced that Prince William would spend his (first?) three years of RAF duty with the Search & Rescue unit at Anglesey in North Wales. It further was announced that he would not live on base but rent a cottage (rather, continue renting a cottage) near Holyhead, in a remote place.

Speculation ran high and low that this would be the first marital home of William and Miss Middleton, especially when she quit her ‘job’ at her parents’ company to be with him full time.


So far so good. As I said, this was months ago.

The last two days, though…several articles have hit the papers (The Telegraph 1, The Australian, The BBC 1, AP, The Daily Mail, The Telegraph 2, The BBC 2) about the exorbitant costs (up to £1.4million annually) the extra security that has to be provided for Prince William’s protection would be burdened on the taxpayer.

Mind you, all the people close in line to the throne have their own protection either by Metropolitan Police Royalty Protection Department (RPD) or Scotland Yard, depending on specifics. The security for William’s cottage would be extra and consist of an armed and uniformed team.

All of this would be quite unnecessary if the man was living on base rather than off it, as the base is secured and no extra personnel would have to be provided.

All of this is true.

And I don’t think it’s necessary that Prince William of Wales live off base just so he can get regular baths drawn by his live-in gf, regular sex provided by his live-in gf and regular pizza bought and cooked by his live-in gf. And this has nothing to do with my dislike of Miss Middleton, for once ;-).

Fact is, as far as seems to be true at least: William is not currently interested in marriage. And I can’t even blame him for that, quite aside from the small matter of me not being fond of his current girlfriend-slash-bedwarmer. Once he marries he will be under the obligation to produce an heir (and spare), and he can forget his flying career even before the first three years are up, let’s not even talk about an additional three years he’s been talking about before. The RAF is his priority in life at the moment and why not? Once he’s Prince of Wales, there will be enough stress and obligations in his life then so he won’t have to burden himself with that now.

So is there a solution? I can understand why he would want to live off base (being in the barracks for years on end, no fun, I’ve had that through with soldier boy after all), but with facts as they are? Difficult. After all, William is no senior royal, he is not Prince of Wales just yet so does he have a right to the extra protection? Probably not. He has a right to his own life, if course, but if he chooses the RAF at the moment, then he should pull through with that. If he wants life as a man who comes home after a day at work or after 24 hours on call, then he either has to give up his claim to the throne, or be a working royal now.

On the other hand, truth be told, this has been known for a while, and people in charge must have been aware that it would require extra security and therefore extra costs, this could easily have been taken care of behind the scenes. Why wasn’t it?

There’s not all that many choices for someone second in line to the British throne. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that William himself wasn’t thinking all that much about his decisions at this point. I’m not even going to consider the question if he was simply thinking with his little head or if he was simply seeing helicopters and nothing else.

*sigh* Think, man! Think!

Victoriadagen 2010 Thursday, Jul 15 2010 

This year, Crown Princess Victoria’s birthday celebrations had to take place without her, as she is still honeymooning with Prince Daniel. But never fear, as she has a duty-bound younger brother who has been taking her place yesterday.

Much to everyone’s surprise, Princess Madeleine also showed up. This wasn’t in her official schedule, but it was good to see her nonetheless!

Prince Carl Philip left his usual Victoriadagen-suit (a less than flattering beige-brown thing he’s been wearing for at least five years to these celebrations) at home and at first I was plenty happy with this, as he’s not even wearing one of his equally terrible ties.

That is, until I got a closer look and what he is wearing there and either he paid a visit to Monaco and looted Andrea’s closet or he dove into Gustaf’s old chests and retrieved clothes from the 80’s, because I have no other ways to explain this:

It is chequered. And it has gold buttons! *shakes him* Why, oh why didn’t Madde keep you from wearing this?? Dear CP, we need to talk about your wardrobe at some point (what I wonder is, did Emma throw everything out once and he just kept buying this stuff and it’s all new now? *sigh). But well, at least the dress shirt is quite flattering.

The fact that he’s back to his Antonio Banderas looks doesn’t sit so well with me though. Less gel, deary, you’re looking much more lovely during your gel-free racing weekends.

Not his best look. Also he’s sweating quite a bit and while it’s been hot hot hot in central Europe and even Finland saw 30 centigrades, Sweden has been considerably cooler these last few days, so I don’t really have any explanation for this. *pats him* Ah CP, what to do with you?

But as it looks he will at least age nicely, I’m looking forward to the next ten years at least. Rawr.

Looks like Prince William is not only losing his hair Saturday, Jul 10 2010 

Charity polo game today for the British princes and people were out in full force.

Well, at least William, Harry and Miss Middleton were.

We all know that Prince William is slowly losing his hair, I’ve pointed that out more than once already and it gets all the more obvious the more often you see the brothers together.

NewsBiscuit has been very mean a while ago as to that regard:

‘Being in the public eye so much, William can’t simply vanish off to a Swiss clinic for six months intensive carpet-fitting,’ Wright explains, ‘and then there are the side effects. What is the least worst option; a prince with a glittering noggin or a prince with pendulous man breasts?’
When asked if Prince Harry was also worried about the curse of the male Windsors, a palace spokesperson said, ‘We are not concerned about Harry as he has a full head of hair, like his dad.’

Ahem ;-). Still not speculating about Harry’s parentage btw, just pointing out satire.

But William’s slowly balding scalp isn’t what made me blink when Lara first sent me the pictures. Because that William is losing his hair is a well know, well established fact but that his girlfriend is slowly vanishing does give reason for concern.

Because what really did it were the images from Miss Middleton. As everyone knows who’s been reading this blog for a little while, I’m not fond of her, but I’m certainly not wishing her ill. I don’t know her, I have no reason to. But these pictures have me want to make her a sandwich or buy her a pizza or something.

I remember a time not long ago when Miss Middleton had breasts, hips and well rounded ankles. And omg, those knees. She must have dropped more than 5 kilos over the early summer and that’s not something to be taken lightly, considering she wasn’t exactly fat before. Miss Middleton, by all rights, is not a tiny type to start with, she should have a figure more like Princesses Victoria or Madeleine (which is not a bad thing, give me those two over Princess Letitzia any day, those two at least look healthy and resilient), but this? Scares me.

Seriously, girl, being a princess is not worth it. And some guy is not worth it either, even if he is a prince.

Bah. Scary.

A game royal Thursday, Jul 8 2010 

Well, well, it looks like our dear princes aren’t the only ones interested in footie.

Prince Willem Alexander and Princess Màxima were present when the Netherlands destroyed Uruguay (*sniff* poor Urus… *sniff* and all because Luis couldn’t be there…).

While my heart goes out to the Urus and their plight (and my plight, because now they’re playing Germany and my loyalties remain divided on this one), it’s nice to see WA and Maxi go all out like this. It’s obvious they’re having fun being there and aren’t doing it just because it’s their duty. Very refreshing.

But it indeed is a very royal game, when even Kings and Queens are in attendance:

Queen Sofia and King Juan Carlos of Spain watching the game just last night, when Spain utterly destroyed any notion of championship Germany might have had. And truth be told, I don’t much care, which is somewhat, well, mean towards my country’s team but they really played abysmal. Which probably takes care of my divided loyalties too, because they just don’t deserve any kind of placement.

Also watching a came, a couple of weeks ago already, were Prince Albert II of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock (not his fiancée then), but with Charlene being a native South African, that was to be expected.

One would think that teams are somehow having the upper hand when their monarch, or a future monarch at least, is watching. This brings about an interesting notion for Sunday, when the Netherlands and Spain are competing. And I guess you can say it’s a given that at least WA And Màxima will be watching indeed.

The pink bow Tuesday, Jul 6 2010 

Dear Princess Mathilde,

a woman who can wear a dress like this

after having four children deserves my fullest respect O_O. Wow. Mind the bow on her shoulder. I only noticed much later why it was there, because at first I didn’t notice the skirt. Or the slit. Wow.

Speaking of Mathilde (and Prince Philippe by association), of course they were at the Victoria’s wedding, too.

(Philippe is wearing the Seraphim, Mathilde the Polar Star, as far as I can see it.)

I like these two, they’re still so in love (after over ten years and four children) and I’m not sure it was ever intended that way in the first place. Considering the fact that Philippe never had any (official) relationship prior to the announcement of his engagement to Mathilde (who’s a members of the minor nobility and 13 years younger than him), the thought has crossed my mind more than once that this was an arranged marriage to start with. But something obviously clicked, because in this day and age, arranged marriages don’t produce four children; that would have been a matter of heir and spare and good.

Also, Philippe has a soft spot:

I’m sure there was just something in his eye ;-).

So how are Philippe and Victoria related?

Philippe’s grandmother (the mother of current King Albert II) was a Swedish princess (Astrid of the Belgians), who tragically died in the 1930’s during an automobile accident. So this relation is actually quite close, even speaking in royal terms.

I’m still stunned by the dress. My my, Mathilde…

The royal world of football Sunday, Jul 4 2010 

No, I haven’t forgotten this blog of course. But between the hellish weather, my workload, football and whatever else life decides to throw at me, I’ve simply not had the time.

I’m aware I still haven’t worked through all the wedding guests I wanted but well ^^;

Anyway, football. You can draw me in about every two years, simply by the fact that if I don’t watch it, I’m the odd one out in the circles I move in, so watching it is pretty much a survival mechanism for me. Four years ago we had the World Cup here in the country and since then…people are crazy. And this year, after so many of the players dropped out prior to the actual start due to injuries, no one really believed things could turn out well…and now we’re in for half-finals. Huh.

But this isn’t about me, right? Things is, football is immensely popular all through Europe, and royalty is no exclusion, naturally.

I already showed you Freddles and Willem Alexander in one post and William and Harry in another.

And I’m sure England would have done better if Wills and Harry would have stayed around to watch more games! But no, Wills had to go and become the most junior members of the Royal Society of Britain and Harry had to go off to NY and throw the first ball at a Metz game (at least he left 50 minutes in to watch Ghana declass the US *g*).

The Netherlands have done quite well during the competition and I’m fully expecting to see Willem-Alexander again at the half-finals. At least now they won’t have to play Argentina, because that could have become interesting in the house of Nassau-Orange, what with Màxima being from Argentina ^^.

Considering this blog, it should be clear here my loyalties lie with that game, but! I have developed a soft spot for the Urus. And not (only ;-P) because striker Diego Forlán looks like Andrea Casiraghi. The Urus are also such cute cuddlers after goals. *sigh* My loyalties aren’t divided, they clearly lie with Uruguay. Sorry, Netherlands, but there’s natural rivalry between you and us.

Now, what will happens if we’ll see a game Germany vs. Uruguay I don’t know.

Anyway, when Germany beat Argentina yesterday, it seems we had another royal spectator:

Carl Philip! And looking good *drool*. Ahem. :-)

Funnily enough, Lara said she saw Charleze during half-time break and she was alone. But maybe our prince just needed a bathroom break ^^.

It’s nice. Now, I’m the last who will be drawing conclusions as to what CP is doing with South African Hollywood actress Charleze Theron, for the simply reason that she’s a) not his type and b) way out of his league, due to the simply fact that she’s famous. If he started anything with her he wouldn’t get out of the limelight anymore and he won’t want that. Still, it’s interesting, especially as CP does have his charities but all of those are in Sweden. Now, with Charleze – who is active in the fight against HIV in her home country – he could have a foot in the door to Africa, the same continent where Princes William and Harry have been active for years.

Network in the making, perhaps?

So, let’s hope he got to chatting with her at some point *g*.

I’m glad to see he’s looking so good, and I suppose he won’t have been in South Africa simply for that one game (Expressen says it was a private visit rather than an official one), so we might see him again at the half-finals and finals, which would be nice ^^. There would be enough time before Victoriadagen at the 14th for him to see all the games.

I’m definitely amused *g*.