Dear Princess Mathilde,

a woman who can wear a dress like this

after having four children deserves my fullest respect O_O. Wow. Mind the bow on her shoulder. I only noticed much later why it was there, because at first I didn’t notice the skirt. Or the slit. Wow.

Speaking of Mathilde (and Prince Philippe by association), of course they were at the Victoria’s wedding, too.

(Philippe is wearing the Seraphim, Mathilde the Polar Star, as far as I can see it.)

I like these two, they’re still so in love (after over ten years and four children) and I’m not sure it was ever intended that way in the first place. Considering the fact that Philippe never had any (official) relationship prior to the announcement of his engagement to Mathilde (who’s a members of the minor nobility and 13 years younger than him), the thought has crossed my mind more than once that this was an arranged marriage to start with. But something obviously clicked, because in this day and age, arranged marriages don’t produce four children; that would have been a matter of heir and spare and good.

Also, Philippe has a soft spot:

I’m sure there was just something in his eye ;-).

So how are Philippe and Victoria related?

Philippe’s grandmother (the mother of current King Albert II) was a Swedish princess (Astrid of the Belgians), who tragically died in the 1930’s during an automobile accident. So this relation is actually quite close, even speaking in royal terms.

I’m still stunned by the dress. My my, Mathilde…