Charity polo game today for the British princes and people were out in full force.

Well, at least William, Harry and Miss Middleton were.

We all know that Prince William is slowly losing his hair, I’ve pointed that out more than once already and it gets all the more obvious the more often you see the brothers together.

NewsBiscuit has been very mean a while ago as to that regard:

‘Being in the public eye so much, William can’t simply vanish off to a Swiss clinic for six months intensive carpet-fitting,’ Wright explains, ‘and then there are the side effects. What is the least worst option; a prince with a glittering noggin or a prince with pendulous man breasts?’
When asked if Prince Harry was also worried about the curse of the male Windsors, a palace spokesperson said, ‘We are not concerned about Harry as he has a full head of hair, like his dad.’

Ahem ;-). Still not speculating about Harry’s parentage btw, just pointing out satire.

But William’s slowly balding scalp isn’t what made me blink when Lara first sent me the pictures. Because that William is losing his hair is a well know, well established fact but that his girlfriend is slowly vanishing does give reason for concern.

Because what really did it were the images from Miss Middleton. As everyone knows who’s been reading this blog for a little while, I’m not fond of her, but I’m certainly not wishing her ill. I don’t know her, I have no reason to. But these pictures have me want to make her a sandwich or buy her a pizza or something.

I remember a time not long ago when Miss Middleton had breasts, hips and well rounded ankles. And omg, those knees. She must have dropped more than 5 kilos over the early summer and that’s not something to be taken lightly, considering she wasn’t exactly fat before. Miss Middleton, by all rights, is not a tiny type to start with, she should have a figure more like Princesses Victoria or Madeleine (which is not a bad thing, give me those two over Princess Letitzia any day, those two at least look healthy and resilient), but this? Scares me.

Seriously, girl, being a princess is not worth it. And some guy is not worth it either, even if he is a prince.

Bah. Scary.