This year, Crown Princess Victoria’s birthday celebrations had to take place without her, as she is still honeymooning with Prince Daniel. But never fear, as she has a duty-bound younger brother who has been taking her place yesterday.

Much to everyone’s surprise, Princess Madeleine also showed up. This wasn’t in her official schedule, but it was good to see her nonetheless!

Prince Carl Philip left his usual Victoriadagen-suit (a less than flattering beige-brown thing he’s been wearing for at least five years to these celebrations) at home and at first I was plenty happy with this, as he’s not even wearing one of his equally terrible ties.

That is, until I got a closer look and what he is wearing there and either he paid a visit to Monaco and looted Andrea’s closet or he dove into Gustaf’s old chests and retrieved clothes from the 80’s, because I have no other ways to explain this:

It is chequered. And it has gold buttons! *shakes him* Why, oh why didn’t Madde keep you from wearing this?? Dear CP, we need to talk about your wardrobe at some point (what I wonder is, did Emma throw everything out once and he just kept buying this stuff and it’s all new now? *sigh). But well, at least the dress shirt is quite flattering.

The fact that he’s back to his Antonio Banderas looks doesn’t sit so well with me though. Less gel, deary, you’re looking much more lovely during your gel-free racing weekends.

Not his best look. Also he’s sweating quite a bit and while it’s been hot hot hot in central Europe and even Finland saw 30 centigrades, Sweden has been considerably cooler these last few days, so I don’t really have any explanation for this. *pats him* Ah CP, what to do with you?

But as it looks he will at least age nicely, I’m looking forward to the next ten years at least. Rawr.