…always comes at a price.

Earlier this year, it was announced that Prince William would spend his (first?) three years of RAF duty with the Search & Rescue unit at Anglesey in North Wales. It further was announced that he would not live on base but rent a cottage (rather, continue renting a cottage) near Holyhead, in a remote place.

Speculation ran high and low that this would be the first marital home of William and Miss Middleton, especially when she quit her ‘job’ at her parents’ company to be with him full time.


So far so good. As I said, this was months ago.

The last two days, though…several articles have hit the papers (The Telegraph 1, The Australian, The BBC 1, AP, The Daily Mail, The Telegraph 2, The BBC 2) about the exorbitant costs (up to £1.4million annually) the extra security that has to be provided for Prince William’s protection would be burdened on the taxpayer.

Mind you, all the people close in line to the throne have their own protection either by Metropolitan Police Royalty Protection Department (RPD) or Scotland Yard, depending on specifics. The security for William’s cottage would be extra and consist of an armed and uniformed team.

All of this would be quite unnecessary if the man was living on base rather than off it, as the base is secured and no extra personnel would have to be provided.

All of this is true.

And I don’t think it’s necessary that Prince William of Wales live off base just so he can get regular baths drawn by his live-in gf, regular sex provided by his live-in gf and regular pizza bought and cooked by his live-in gf. And this has nothing to do with my dislike of Miss Middleton, for once ;-).

Fact is, as far as seems to be true at least: William is not currently interested in marriage. And I can’t even blame him for that, quite aside from the small matter of me not being fond of his current girlfriend-slash-bedwarmer. Once he marries he will be under the obligation to produce an heir (and spare), and he can forget his flying career even before the first three years are up, let’s not even talk about an additional three years he’s been talking about before. The RAF is his priority in life at the moment and why not? Once he’s Prince of Wales, there will be enough stress and obligations in his life then so he won’t have to burden himself with that now.

So is there a solution? I can understand why he would want to live off base (being in the barracks for years on end, no fun, I’ve had that through with soldier boy after all), but with facts as they are? Difficult. After all, William is no senior royal, he is not Prince of Wales just yet so does he have a right to the extra protection? Probably not. He has a right to his own life, if course, but if he chooses the RAF at the moment, then he should pull through with that. If he wants life as a man who comes home after a day at work or after 24 hours on call, then he either has to give up his claim to the throne, or be a working royal now.

On the other hand, truth be told, this has been known for a while, and people in charge must have been aware that it would require extra security and therefore extra costs, this could easily have been taken care of behind the scenes. Why wasn’t it?

There’s not all that many choices for someone second in line to the British throne. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that William himself wasn’t thinking all that much about his decisions at this point. I’m not even going to consider the question if he was simply thinking with his little head or if he was simply seeing helicopters and nothing else.

*sigh* Think, man! Think!