I’ve neglected YHR a bit… I’m sorry *bows* But real life got in the way of things with work if you can believe it. But now I have a few days off to get my balance back before the crazies start. Wheeee.

Anyway, while politicians are coming up with more and more outrageous ideas by the hour, our favourite Swedish prince has managed to make his relationship official.

It all started with speculation that Prince Carl Philip has brought Sofia Hellqvist home to meet the parents. That by itself doesn’t mean much, as Queen Silvia and King Carl XVI Gustaf are fond of meeting their children’s partners early. Even if this has been going on a year already, both of them were probably sick of reading of their son in the papers and not knowing who they were dealing with.

Anyway, later that week came up rumours that Slitz (the magazine Sofia had been posing in with the snake, you remember) would publish nude pictures of her. Now, let me put it this way: I have seen nude pictures of Sofia posted someplace I won’t go into detail about now, and they’re certainly out there. And it’s definitely her. I don’t know if these are the same pictures that Slitz has bought, but if these got out to the public, CP would have a serious problem on his hands. I can’t even blame Slitz for wanting to do so, they certainly would sell well.

Consequently, the palace blocked the publication and confirmed, more or less, the relationship between CP and Miss Hellqvist. More or less, because it was never phrased “yes, Prince Carl Philip and Miss Sofia Hellqvist are in a relationship” (my Swedish might be way sub-par, but I can read, after all; it was more along the line of, I can’t check right now, “it is sad that some magazine is using past transgressions of a young woman for profit just because she has associations with a prince now”, or some such).

Not much of a surprise, considering he’s been taking her on holiday with him, interestingly enough into the same resort where Emma Pernald (his ex-gf) is vacationing with her new bf. Talk about explosive meetings (no worries, Emm and CP are still friends).

Also, he’s been taking her out to dinner several times, less covertly than he has before (or maybe we should say: the press has paid more attention than before).

All things considered, we might be looking at grand romance.

Or not, because if the pictures (I’m not going to repost at this point) of these outings are any indication… Huh. If you’re in a relationship, even if it’s been going on for a year already, you sit close together, don’t you? Or at least close enough so you can talk comfortably. This looked a lot like “look, here she is, no go away”. I dunno, weird. Will warrant more investigation indeed.

Ah I almost forgot! CP has won a race! Yes! It was an endurance competition but hey! For those of you able or willing to read/decipher Swedish: http://www.flashengineering.se/2010/08/01/forsta-segern-for-prins-carl-philip/


Happy happy. And don’t worry, all of you who don’t like beards, he’ll have gotten rid of it again already. He never shaves during racing weekends, either he simply doesn’t want to bother or he thinks it’s a lucky charm.

We’ll have to talk some more about Prince Albert, it seems, as well as Prince Joachim of Belgium, who had one of his first royal appearances two weeks back (and who probably wants to smother his big brother with a pillow for doing that to him *g*). But not now, now there are a few more mundane needs I have to satisfy first. Like the wish for a full fridge.