I’m somewhat between shock and relief still, after Svenkdam confirmed a little article the Hindustan Times ran a couple of days ago, about Miss Middleton preparing a photo exhibition of some kind.

I believe Miss Middleton has been studying photography as well when she was pursuing her art history degree in St. Andrews, so she might actually know what she’s on about. While I still don’t think it’s an actual job (Miss Middleton being who he is probably landed this one with the help of a lot of Vitamin C, but I suppose sooner or later that’d inevitable), it is progress and she’s not spending her days waiting around for the bf to come home, running him baths and cooking him dinner.

Best of luck, Miss Middleton.

That said, there have been rumours, like this one which is one only in part. The gist of it: Four years ago, Prince William kissed a singer (with tongue!) during an award presentation and the media (silly season, you remember) dug that one up again, saying Miss Middleton was miffed about it now and retainers had told her to prepare herself that it wasn’t a question if William would take a mistress, but when. It would be a tradition among the Windsor men, look at Charles and…*sigh* there have been too many rumours about Prince Philip in his day as well.

It’s…problematic, after a fashion. I’m not discrediting these rumours, nor am I thinking the warning are too far off the mark. William, has bound himself early and everyone who says he’s not quite getting away now anymore is right (I’ve elaborated on this in earlier posts already), but if/when he marries her, I fear for the day when he’s meeting his ‘one true love’ (OTL). I suppose he could be quite happy if he met them, no mistress and all, especially if he had to work for it. But as things stand? Convenience, even if it gives you an heir, is not the same as being happy and content.