I really meant to talk about Prince Albert and his strange marriage ideas, but with the news from Denmark…

There’s a few points that don’t sit well with me, regarding this pregnancy.

I’m not going to rehash everything that’s been said elsewhere, because in the end it would only be a good sign if Princess Mary had gone for fertility treatment (and admitted to it, which she doesn’t, but that’s her decision).


On Friday was the funeral of Countess Ruth of Rosenborg and the Danish court didn’t deem it proper to even inform of it on their website? The Norwegians had it on their calender, while in Denmark – zilch.

The Counts of Rosenborg are the morganatic branch of the Danish Royal Family. Count Flemming Valdemar of Rosenborg was a born Prince of Denmark and Iceland, but renounced his succession rights in 1949 to marry morganatically. So by rights, there should have been an announcement, official and all the works.

Meanwhile, Prince Frederik is out of the country, participating in a sailing competition in Sweden.

This…smells wrong. I can’t help myself, something is just wrong with this whole announcement. The timing could not be worse, or better, depending on the point of view.