The Daily Star is running a piece today that Prince William and Miss Middleton want to marry next year in June, announcement due in November.

Now, quite aside from my misgivings about Miss Middleton: if it’s true, it’s not a good move, William.

The Star speculates on the wedding being used to divert attention from the 30 year anniversary of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer’s wedding (July 29th), as well as being a “perfect present” for Prince Philip, who’ll be celebrating his 90th birthday next year (June 10th).

Uh. Again, William, not a smart move.

Now, let’s not forget if the media (and especially the Star) were any authority, these two would be married ten times over and had half a football team of rugrats already. So I’m waiting to see what happens.

But it’s not a smart move on more than one level so *sigh* seriously, people, think a bit. Let’s just assume it’s true, what’s that mean?

1) Two British royal events in one year, in one month! And not only that but what does the Star call it? “one of the biggest royal occasions of the 21st Century” William might be in direct line to the throne, but he’s still second in line, he’s not a senior royal, he has no right to “one of the biggest royal occasions of the 21st Century”, so to speak. Royal events are expensive, even when a good part of it should be paid out of the family’s own pocket rather than from tax money, and two in one month? Uh.

2) Two British royal events in one year, in one month! Stealing the show from grandpa? Bad idea. Prince Philip might not be the best liked person in the royal family of Britain, but he’s the friggin’ Prince Consort to the Queen of England and you only turn 90 once. Very bad idea.

3) While I simply think he’s not noticed: Playing one-up with the Grimaldis? Really? One would think people were beyond that by now, but powerplays are still taking place between the families it seems. On the other hand, it might simply have slipped the notice of the good Windsor-Mountbattons (aka Saxe-Coburg and Gotha aka Wettin), as the princely houses are too far beneath their notice. And I’m not joking here. It’s highly unlikely we’ll see any member of the Brits at Albert’s wedding next summer. But I’ll make a separate post about that myself at some point. Anyway, a British wedding in June to pre-empt the Grimaldi wedding in July? Not smart. Not smart at all. Would be worse if we were still in a time when dynastics were more of an issue, but even so, not smart at all.

I could probably go on some more *sigh*.

I’m yet hoping it’s just another article sprog from silly season and having nothing else to write about.