So tomorrow (yup), Prince Nikolaos of Greece is going to marry his fiancée Tatiana Blatnik.

Ella over at the Hattery has the guest list:

Denmark: Queen Margrethe, Crown Princess Mary, Prince Joachim, and Princess Marie
Greece: King Constantine, Queen Anne-Marie, Princess Alexia (and family), Crown Prince Pavlos (and family), Prince Nikolaos, Princess Theodora, Prince Philippos, and Princess Irene
Jordan: Queen Noor (not sure if this has been confirmed)
Spain: Queen Sofia, Prince Felipe, Princess Letizia, Infanta Elena, Infanta Cristina, and Iñaki Urdangarin
Sweden: Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Prince Carl Philip, and Princess Madeleine

Yay Theodora!

Uhm, so far no surprises, although: Where the heck are the Brits?! I know, I know, the Brits hardly ever show up in force to a wedding and I think the only heir’s wedding Charles was at the past few years was Felipe, BUT. The British Royal Family is close with the Greeks, I mean really close, after they went into exile the Greeks went to London and became even closer; the kids are all second cousins to each other, Charles is godfather to Pavlos… I really will be disappointed if none of them show up. Grmpf.