While it is the day of Nikolaos’ wedding (we can hope for massive pictures, if the crowd last night at the rehearsal dinner are any indication), ShowbizSpy with a reference to Globe Magazine (both not the most reliable sources if you ask me) report that William and Miss Middleton have split up.


This is still about the William kissing Natasha Hamilton pictures and the when not if he’ll cheat on her, of course.

Last paragraph says “But when she was informed that her future husband would undoubtedly cheat on her, she felt physically ill. Now she… doesn’t want to go ahead with the wedding!”

Uh…which wedding? As I said, neither source I would call reliable, we all know how much the gossip rags make up these days, so unless this hits the British tabloids massively at some point soon (like it did with the last break up in 2007) or we’ll see actual evidence (that will be funny, as the relationship has never even been confirmed, the Brits just don’t do that prior to an engagement), I don’t think there’s anything to it.

The reason I am posting it even though I don’t quite believe it is rather the food for thought portion of it. Implications?

Oh, several.

Could be an interesting late summer, royalty-wise (if it’s true).