There’s an interesting comment on Miss Middleton in the Guardian this morning, “I do hope Kate Middleton has a cunning plan”. Very interesting indeed, although it largely doesn’t take the future in-laws into account, which are the biggest problem imho.

That said, yes I know about the new engagement rumours, but please take into account that all the articles say the date was talked about in May already. It’s almost September now.

And further, I do believe that palace officials always have a few possible dates marked, for the sheer possibility that they have to cobble a wedding together fast for some reason (be it spur of the moment decisions or pregnant brides-to-be), and I think that’s true not only for William but also for his relatives. Please keep in mind that he has a bunch of cousins in child-bearing age and a brother who’s been known to not waste opportunities in the past. While hardly anyone would marry in Westminster Abbey, I don’t think William warrants that either.

It’s funny how everyone seems to assume William will have a grand wedding. But with recession still not over and him being a junior royal, we’re probably lucky if the Brits don’t present us with fait accompli one day with a newspaper byline of “by the way, Prince William is married already”. Shesh. Be reasonable, people.