So in case anyone is still reading this, maybe this is the time for saying this.

Fact is, I don’t see myself going back to posting with regularity or in the previous fashion anytime soon. One part of it are time constrictions, another is my life being a bit more complicated at the moment and I don’t feel the peace and quiet to sit down for elaborate articles.

I’m aware that I’ve been writing contrary to a lot of other blogs out there, I’m neither enamoured with the wedding in Monaco, nor with the upcoming nuptials in England, and I have never thought either ladies were the right choice. On the other hand I also realise that I’m particular about certain people and uhm circumstances.

And I’m saying again: This is an opinionated blog, if you want fangirling, go elsewhere.

One reason for that is simple: modern fairy tales are a lie. See current events in Sweden for evidence.

Anyway, I’m currently looking at posting sporadically and with no regularity. And certainly not about everything, and I’m not doing catchups with stuff I’ve missed the last few months.

Also, as I said in the previous post, I’m turning comments off for the moment. There’s no use in you getting annoyed or unkind responses from me because I’m stressed or annoyed by other things, so I’ll spare both of us that grief from the get go.