I didn’t want to make my next post about the farce happening on the isles right now (oh, did you hear? they have a date. and it only took one week! rejoice, everyone! can you feel the sarcasm?).

But I just read something…scarily fitting elsewhere which I think calls for sharing.

Diana’s biographer, Andrew Morton, once wrote, “Grafting commoners into the Hanoverian tree (William’s bloodline) proved to be very disastrous. The chronic instability of the marriages between commoners and royalty is far more than a personal tragedy. It is a signal that a necessary experiment born of changed historical circumstances has failed. There’s no obvious solution to the problem. This is a severe reality how the royal family relates to the outsiders. Anybody who married into the royal family welded in traditions and decorum which make the task to an outsider almost impossible to fulfill. The pursuit of personal happiness and freedom is out of the question, it is duty first”.