Honestly, by now I abhor every new article about this wedding because it does get worse and worse.

I’m at the point where I want to almost apologise to Miss Middleton for thinking the worst of her, when obviously her boyfriend, the exalted Prince William of Wales, is the one who’s completely nuts.

Almost, because a woman with a little spine would have not let him do this to her.

I’m not sure anymore if her non-working state is entirely her own fault. While I don’t think she particularly wanted to work, the impression that William is the one who’s always encouraged that, too. She’s worked eight years for this, has suffered various breakups, she’s not going to give up now.

But it’s… I don’t know, this feels like a farce.

Now, I’m not exactly superstitious, I don’t throw salt over my shoulder when a black cat crosses my way, or anything and I don’t read my horoscope.

But this is getting ridiculous. Quite aside from the floundering the British court still is in.

First William gives her his mother’s engagement ring. Which was expensive, sure, and which now an heirloom, sure, but I’m not sure that was the right move.

Then it’s Westminster Abbey as venue. Even disregarding that I find it inappropriate to have a lavish (and with WA it will be that) wedding in times of economic crises (which is still on in Britain with spending cuts and people being let go) when you’re not even the direct heir, it is also the venue of Lady Diana’s funeral. William said he had chosen it with that in mind, even, to be close to his mother (he’d said something differently worded but with the same gist about the ring). Now, I wouldn’t say anything because Westminster Abbey is indeed very beautiful…but that funeral was the last grand occasion that church has seen, so I’m sorry but…this feels wrong.

Same about the date, April 29th. I would have avoided the 29th of any month as the devil does holy water. Just so everyone knows: The Netherlands have Queen’s Day that day (I don’t think they will attend) and King Carl XVI Gustaf has his birthday on the 30th. Also? It was the day Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun married, with the consequent suicide on the 30th. Yum.



Prince William Insists On Regular Role for Kate Middleton’s Family
Theoretically? Fine. If William was a normal person,. But he’s not. He a Prince of England, the Prince of England, who will inherit a throne in a couple of decades. See my previous post about tradition and decorum.

Prince William Wants Earl Spencer to Give Speech About Diana at Wedding
(Yes it’s the Mail, deal with it.) What does Lady Diana have to do with that wedding? I’m sorry, I know she’s dead, I know she was well loved and I’m sure William and Harry miss their mother, but this is supposed to be a wedding, a joyous celebration where the bride cries because she’s happy, not because it suddenly is all about her dead mother in law.

Prince William to miss Christmas with Queen…and not only this year
It was known William wouldn’t be at Sandringham this year, due to his RAF duty, but essentially, he’s saying that he won’t spend the high holidays (Christmas, Easter) with the Queen the years to come necessarily either. Necessarily probably being a qualifier with no meaning.

So… Basically, I’m waiting for a) Kate to get Diana’s wedding tiara for the wedding and b) Kate to turn blond and short haired.

And I suppose I was right, William is resenting his family for what they allegedly did to his mother and is clinging to the Middletons as the only ‘happy family’ he’s ever really known.

Which, again, would be fine of he was a normal person. He’s not. If he wants to be a part of the Middleton family, he should just give up his spot in the succession and go for it. He won’t do that though, not in the least because Harry won’t go for that throne (nor should he).

William is a child, rebelling against what he thinks was done to him (by proxy, directly to his mother). But the man is 28 years old, he can’t act like a child any longer. Or he shouldn’t obviously they’re letting him run with it.

The man needs a therapist rather than a wife.

And I wish Miss Middleton good luck at this point, and hope she doesn’t end up beneath the wheel. One thing is for certain though, if she lets her future husband run into the same direction he’s headed into, she’ll never be able to step out of Diana’s shadow. And that’s one of the things that’s most tragic about this impeding wedding.

Another is the realisation that Prince William of Wales is an arrogant prick who has no idea of the responsibilities he’s facing.

Let’s hope Charles lives to be 120.

Edited to add: The Sun (yes, not the most trustworthy source) reports just now that Sir Elton John is probably going to sing at Kate and William’s wedding. Draw your own conclusions from that.