A few interesting articles this week, that were linked to me. Both in German, so either just read my gist or get Google to translate for you.

An interview with Fabian Persson, a historian who knows a bunch about the Swedish court’s history, its Kings especially.

You all might have heard about the scandal that broke in Sweden about Carl XVI Gustaf’s indiscretions. Interestingly, rumours about this have been out and about for years and no one cared. Only now that it’s in print, the Swedes get into a fit. Funny, that. I like those Nordic people.

Essentially, Persson says Kings always had mistresses so why should that break Gustaf’s back? Also, that there is no provision in the Swedish constitution for an abdication, which I didn’t know but is quite interesting. Further, and I suppose that sums the situation up pretty well “When the King makes his Queen sad, then he has a problem.”

Also, recently it came out Gustaf was taking Carl Philip with him on his Monday night excursions. No wonder he’s not making moves against Miss Hellqvist while Queen Silvia is vehemently opposed to her.

There have recently been new pictures of Miss Hellqvist in print (for the first time, also in Sweden) that aren’t exactly flattering.

Another article Wealth obliges is an editorial written by Jacques de Saussure, a private banker.

Basically, he says that with wealth comes responsibility (with great strength comes great responsibility, ringing any bells?) and that it’s important to initiate the next generation early enough, and to make them understand what it means to be wealthy, and that it’s not only privileges that are to be obtained, but also responsibilities towards others.

I found this one rather peculiar, because this can be coined 1:1 on the royal status.

Everyone knows the phrase ‘noblesse oblige’, nobility obliges. But a lot of those of the younger generation, that is true for Briefadel and the aristocracy which is only so by utilisation of their money, have forgotten that much.

A negative example we’ve seen in the past two week: His Royal Prickishness Prince William.

The positive example that springs to mind immediately would be Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume.

Pity those two will probably not meet in foreseeable time.