…well not really, but I’m running out of words trumping my previous assessments.

Royal wedding: Prince William asks the Queen not to make him a duke

Head, meet desk.

Can someone explain to him why the system is the way it is?! kthxbye

My perception of Prince William has changed a lot over the past few weeks. While he was a bit boring before, he’s turning into an absolute moron at the moment.

I’ve not been following all of the developments over in Britain, only what I couldn’t help but read because it was everywhere. I also have refrained from commenting on it because, really, what would be the point? It’s an exercise in frustration for the most part and venting them here isn’t a solution either. So I’ve tried to be indifferent towards it.

I like the fictive version of William much better, he has some sanity and sense of responsibility left.

But this is quite a different can of worms right there.

We’re used to scandals from the British royals, of course, but imagine this would happen in any other of the monarchies. Granted, the Jordanians and Moroccans have been quite revolutionary in this generation, mostly where their marriages and roles of their wives are concerned, but those are absolute monarchies, King Abdullah and King Mohammed have a reason to do that, because they need to keep their power base, and other than in the European monarchies, there also is a succession issue in those two countries, the throne won’t automatically pass from father to oldest son.

This will not go over well, if it happens. And the fact that William wants Kate to be known as Princess Catherine isn’t even the biggest problem here. It would a precedent that musn’t be, and yet it still would be quite harmless, that’s what the Brits have letter’s patent for. But uh. I wonder of he’s aware that his children won’t have titles? They will be styled as royal highnesses but have no titles to go with it (the child of a duke is a prince or a princess, the child of a prince is, by definition, nothing to start with, see Prince Edward whose children do not have the titles of prince and princess), which is fine for royals who will never turn into senior royals, but William’s children, at least one of them, will end up on the throne one day. This is the next generation of incumbents to the British crown.


I’m not even British and I get worked up about this.

At least most of the rest of the European troupe is sane. For the most part. Even if some of them think with the little head.