Honestly, I don’t know. There’s just not a lot else happening, and getting riled up on the stupidity of HRP (His Royal Prickishness) Prince William makes for high cortisol levels at least?

Well, aside from the potential pregnancy of Princess Victoria, which would be splendid, but I’m not quite willing to cross that bridge quite yet, even if she is, it’s probably too early for an announcement and I’m not fuelling into those rumours.

And getting riled up about Prince Albert II is happening elsewhere. Besides, there’s a business side of things that I don’t care to get into (I can direct you, drop me an email for that though, I’m not doing it publicly).


Be that as it may, this is something I would willingly put my signature under, or at least this part is:

“I’ll tell you something about this wedding: it sucks. The bride is not exactly a fairy tale princess, considering the remarkable ruthlessness with which she got what she wanted. And the groom looks a bit cornered, if you know what I mean, giving us his toothy sheepish smiles, making all the wrong moves and pretending that he is running the whole show on his own terms. Yeah, sure he is, as if Katie is not calling the shots in the background. That woman dashed to inspect Westminster Abbey the next day after her engagement was announced. For it is HER engagement, not Prince William’s. She worked hard for it for eight long years and no one’s going to take it away from her now.

Grandma Elizabeth has obviously washed her hands and, together with Granddad Philip, is staying out of this pathetic arrangement. And Papa Charles, although distinctly uncomfortable with the thought of embracing a bunch of dodgy commoners as his in-laws, is going along with the flow.”

Thank you, Adam Lovejoy. Even though I’m not on par with the headline, because I don’t believe he’s poor and confused per se. He just doesn’t care to make an effort. And that’s certainly worse.

On another note: Comments are still disabled but if something really is on your mind you can drop me a line via email.

On a second note: The Other Life of “Young, Hot and Royal” (Google is your friend, you’ll find it eventually if you’re really interested) has grown quite a bit in the last month. And as I said before, I like that version of Prince William a lot better (yeah I know, considering he’s more or less mine – creation-wise – not that hard). Generally though, I am somewhat relieved there hasn’t been a surge in traffic for either incarnation of the ‘project’. While probably no one important would care about my opinion one way or other, I’d like to still be allowed to travel to certain countries without my name pinging at the border.

Any other royals you’d like to hear about? I’ll tell you this though, no I have nothing new on Pierre Casiraghi. Except the recent restaurant photos, and really, the man should be allowed to eat in peace (even though he did look quite dashing in that 70s suit).