Gods in all the realms.


Okay. Look, Prince William and his fiancée where out and about.

But honestly, if someone had told me she was a….you know, professional? I would have believed that, too.

Black tights for a white dress, even if it carries black application and is paired with a black jacket? Honestly?
Besides, it’s freezing in Europe.

Someone needs to tell her to stop using so much eyeliner and rouge, she looks painted on and older than she is (if I didn’t know, mid-30s would be my guess). Also, either she has cramps in her face or she’s had her cheeks bolstered with collagen recently, that’s not a natural smile. Her hair is still too long, too, and it needs to be done up in the back.

And girl, please don’t murder the poor clutch, it’s not her fault your man’s unable to prepare you properly for events.

Hands off your face and out of your hair! I’m serious, has no one told her the basics? She should have learned that much in university, she must have given a seminar or something at some point during her education, no?

This would be more fun dismantling if this wasn’t the future of the British monarchy we’re seeing here.

If Harry one day needs to be the one to put the shoulder to the wheel, I’ll roll around on my floor laughing, no matter how old I’ll be, I swear.

Someone give the woman a style guide. And some princess training, because it doesn’t look like she’s getting any right now.

Also, William, you’re making coping gestures again. Why? You weren’t in the habit to do so a little while ago. The only prince doing that, rightfully, is Carl Philip and I can forgive him that because he’s not the heir and he really doesn’t do well with press appointments. You, on the other hand, are the future King. You have no right to make coping gestures with the training you must have had.

And if that wasn’t enough: you’re engaged. Touch the woman, damn you! It’s your job now, so bloody do it already.

Heaven help.

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