Sweden’s only prince has done quite a few things this year that have gotten him not only into the headlines, but also made him have a fall-out with his mother and younger sister. At least the media are saying that and looking at his schedule (and the appointments he didn’t keep and the way Madeleine has been going about things the last few months), that seems all very likely.

However, now they sent him to the World Cuisine Contest, better known as Concours mondial de la cuisine or Bocuse d’Or. They even made him attend cooking classes for two weeks (and why am I not surprised that the man is a picky eater? middle child syndrome seems to have struck heavily here).

Really, they shouldn’t put the poor man next to two Swedes, they’re always towering high above him after all.

They put him in an apron…

On the bright side, he’s back to channeling Orlando Bloom rather than Antonio Banderas (i.e. someone made him get a hair cut). Maybe there’s hope yet?

(This post was mainly made to get something else but the Brits in here and I do like the shorter hair quite a bit. After seeing pictures of Miss Hellqvist that were taken several years ago and left even less to the imagination than the one with the python, I wonder how long until shit really hits the fan.)