This will likely be my last post before the holidays, maybe even the last one before the new year (busy busy), depending on what our dear royals are coming up with.

As Christmas greeting, have pictures of Archduke Joachim!

Yup, he’s still alive. I’m not sure how fond he is of the food…but by experience, rations are not so bad. At least in these parts they aren’t. I heard C-rations are not very yummy, but around these parts, stuff actually tastes like food.

Joachim also gets to be artistic.

(And to answer what one person said: No it’s not edible finger paint. That stuff isn’t poisonous but it’s not exactly yummy.)

No gloves! D: Boy, you need those fingers. I don’t know if anyone has told you, but when it’s snowing or temperatures drop below zero, you’re allowed to use gloves. Actually, it’s encouraged.


Well, let’s hope he’s coming back in one piece (and with all appendages attached).